The Giant Turnaround!

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    Taking a look at the point at which the Giants "turned the season around" (First game against Dallas) then on through their last game against SF (a 7 game stretch - winning 6):

    - Wash was Eli's worst statistical performance (45 QB rating).
    - Jets was Eli's second worst performance (61 QB rating - an inflated rating)
    - Second Dallas game, Atl, GB, Eli statistically played very good
    - The Giants lost the TO battle only once (-1 in a loss to Wash).
    - In 1 game TOs were needed to win when compared to the scoring (SF)
    - Giants have only 1 fumble and 0 lost fumbles
    - In the 6 wins, Eli has 12 TD passes and 2 Ints
    - 1 last minute winning drive for Eli (first Dal game)
    - Last Sunday was the worst beating Eli has taken in 2011 (6 sacks).
    - 5 of 7 games he was sacked 2 or less (2 vs Dal & Jets, 1 ATL & GB, 0 Dal)
    - Giants were out gained on the ground by SF, GB, Wash, First Dallas
    - Giants on the ground out gained ATL by a lot, Dal #2 by a lot, slightly Jets
    - ATL game was their only big rushing game but had multiple "decent" games
    - ATL game was their most well rounded performance (defense, run, pass)
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