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    #12 Jersey

    WARNING - The following information could be viewed as extreme.

    Whichever side you are on you most likely agree that America has internal problems. IMHO the top 5 problems in America are:
    Intolerance, Ignorance, Education, Poverty and Consumerism.

    I personally see no way of moving forward and fixing these major issues without first changing the system. Here's my thoughts on the subject, let me know what you think:

    Reduce Government Spending: The G. spends a LOT of money - I'm not sure anyone would argue that. Is all of the spending necessary? No. The Government has gotten itself where it doesn't belong. The G. should be reduced to protecting Civil Liberties, Providing Security, Fire and Health Services, Transportation (See Below!) and Justice. The three branches of our government are perfectly set up to perform these tasks (among others).

    Civil Social Programs: Civil and Social programs should be run exclusively by non-profits. This frees the Government up to Govern not Cater to the special needs of a few. There are a few exceptions to this rule (as with any of course) that I would make such as libraries and things like festivals and other "for public" initiatives.

    Salary/Money Caps: "The Skies the Limit" is just to big for the world now. There should be some sort of Salary Cap ($250,000 or how much ever is agreeable). If you make any number under that amount you are deducted the same percentage. If you make over that amount then you should have to then give 50% of all the extra that you make to any non-profit of your choice. You can change the 250,000 or 50% to whichever numbers, just throwing those out there. The money that you give can be to any program of your choosing. Bonuses could be paid out but taxed in a similar way.

    Taxes: Taxes should be reduced to consumer items. Any item regulated by the FDA should not be taxed with exception of what you may buy at a fast food or other type of restaurant.

    Civil Liberties: Anyone should be able to do anything as long as it doesn't put another in harms way. This is the biggest issue for people to overcome.

    Education and the Corporation: Since we came up with the idea of the Corporation we have created some AMAZING things. There are ethical and progressive corporations out there such as Discovery, BBC, Apple and others that just get it. The customer is the major focus of business - not the money. Money is a type of reward for providing the best service. Since that is the case, it's most advantageous to constantly improve your services, employees and product offerings. This offers a unique education opportunity for americas youth. Coupled with a specific study in an industry (such as college or other skilled trade) students could work in either the non-profit or corporation sector - which hopefully with a renewed focus on customer and not money would then have enough incentive to provide that employee a more enjoyable work experience.

    Education: This should be one of the highest priorities. The school system should be updated to provide state of the art education to students. K-12 should learn basic math, english, history, psychology, art+music, health/sexual health, social/civil studies and their choice of science, theology or other. The only courses constant in a high school education (all four years) should be Ethics, English, Human Studies (which could include Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology or any other humanistic study). Children as early as 1st to 3rd grade should learn about health - things such as sexual and general health. Art+Music should have as strong as a focus as Mathematics (beyond the basics)

    The Family: broken. A renewed focus on everyones part from "Want want want" to creating a sustainable family starts with early education.

    Drugs/Alcohol: Since anyone is now allowed to do anything they want the government has another source of income - Drugs and Alcohol. 75% or more of the funds made from these should go back into education - and since kids are receiving health education at an earlier age they understand the difference between marijuana and meth. As you can see in countries such as Italy (with alcohol) and Portugal/Netherlands (with drugs) prohibition doesn't work.

    This would produce a more socialist type democracy where humanitarianism not consumerism is the main focus. We would progress to the next age of humanity and fix all the major issues. Theres so much more to the problems, but this is the main jist of how i feel we can fix it.

    PS - I'm not sure why people could think this is so extreme - its just a renewed focus on people not money.
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    I feel a need to comment on these two.
    #1. Salary cap for... workers in the public sector? Or are you implying you think this cap should apply to the private sector? In other words replacing supply and demand with straight up communisim?

    #2. How pray tell do you teach "ethics" in high school? Also I'd be more science heavy instead of "music and art" since science will improve the world, and art and music will do nothing.

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