The final 4 remaining teams may ALL have NOTHING to play for vs. the Pats

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Looking at the remaining schedule it certainly appears that we could see the team face all 4 remaining teams that may very well have nothing to play for

    The only team that may HAVE to win is Arizona and maybe Buffalo but as it looks right now its

    Seattle - Nothing to play for except pride and spoiler and Deion's desire to show off against his old team

    Oakland - Nothing to play for except pride and a spoiler

    Arizona - Most likely team to have meaning to win but there is a decent chance that they will have sewn up the 3rd seed by then with nothing to gain and may rest some players against the Pats (The winner of this weeks Carolina/Tampa Bay game should be in charge of the 2nd seed by then)

    Buffalo - Would have reason to win only if they win the remaining 4 games and cling to a 6th seed possibility,otherwise any loss before their last game and they play for pride and spoiler - even if they win the next 3 games they could still be mathmatically eliminated by then.

    For New England to be the only team on the field with any reason to have real meaning to win their 4 games is a distinct possibility and although teams with no chance for the playoffs or to move up as a seeded team will not just simply let NE walk over them,Still its a decisive edge to have reason and desire to win over playing with nothing at stake and will increase NEs chances of running the table.
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  2. captadamnj

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    None of it will matter if our players don't make basic plays such as not fumbling the ball and catching passes thrown right in their hands. Yes, I'm still a little bitter. :)

    Let's hope for the Pats sweep in the final four to get us in the playoffs, then who knows? Go Pats!
  3. Rob0729

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    Yeah, I pointed that out in another thread. Also, almost as importantly, the Jets may face three teams who are in must win situations:

    San Fran - It is do or die for them this weekend. Granted even if they win, they may be out of the playoffs if Arizona wins. But both teams play at 4PM which means the 49ers have to assume this game is for their playoff lives.

    Buffalo - They will either be 7-6 or 6-7 when they face the Jets. Either way, it is a must win for them to keep their playoff hopes alive.

    Miami - They could be 10-5 at that point and still in contention for the division or 9-6 and still in the Wild Card hunt.

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    Buffalo I'm sure would love to spoil our playoff bid. Regardless, we're a better team and it's a game we should win. We probably need to win all these games, and that's fine with me. Like I said, if we can't win out against these teams, we're not going to win out in January against 4 of the best that the league has to offer.
  5. Sicilian

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    Despite our woes this season, most teams get up to play us. We were 18-1 last year, and have been at the top of the league this decade. Everyone wants a piece, even if their season is over.
  6. Ice Cold Bruschi

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    not only that but buffalo is really really hungry for a win against us no matter what the context, I guess thats what happens when you lose 10 in a row
  7. richpats

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    A chance to bury the Pats is probably appealing to a lot of NFL teams
  8. NJPatsfan26

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    Was thinking the same a big GFY for last seasons beatings....
  9. Gunnails

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    Oakland and Buffalo won't lay down, Seattle probably will, and AZ I doubt they will rest Warner, but who knows.
  10. spacecrime

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    I agree. In all those dark years when the Pats sucked, I would consider it a successful season if a late season Pats win over the Dolphins kept them out of the playoffs. Division games are always tough.

    Besides, when you say that a team has nothing to play for, it is because they have home field advantage or a bye locked up, and cannot improve on that by winning.

    A team with a horrible record plays hard at the end of the year because players are playing for the jobs.
  11. KontradictioN

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    Arizona also has to come here to play as well. Don't forget how notoriously bad they have been on the east coast. Also, don't forget how notoriously bad our defense has been in the last few weeks. So that's a toss up game. The other three I believe we could easily win if we keep our heads in the game.
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