The Fifth Down breaks down Jets 2010 season

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    I thought this was an interesting look back at the 2010 New York Jets. Forget the fact that it was written by a New York newspaper; Andy Benoit is a fairly objective and intelligent sports writer.

    2010 Jets: What the Film Revealed | The Fifth Down | The New York Times | 4/14/2011

    Jets' offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer catches a lot of heat, especially by Jets fans, but according to Benoit he did a very good job last year; in fact, he believes he'll be a head coach very soon. On the other hand he feels the Jets were able to put together long drives in spite of, not because of Mark Sanchez - an assessment which 99% of this board will agree with. Their offensive line was highly productive because of Nick Mangold; his dominance made the rest of the line better. He even gave passing grades to Matt Slauson.

    Benoit goes on to criticize the Jets defense of not creating enough big plays, and says the late season loss of Jim Leonhard disrupted their sub-packages. He was surprisingly very positive about Antonio Cromartie, who despite his deficiencies in tackling excelled in man coverage.
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    I believe that Sanchez has a lot of talent and still has not hit his ceiling as a quarterback. This is one of the drawbacks of drafting a player who only started one year of college football. Even though Mark brought us back in the 4th quarter to win games (Lions, Broncos, Texans, Browns, Colts playoff game), there would have been no need for the comebacks had he played better and more consistent for 4 quarters. I believe that Sanchez himself would admit that. But Sanchez was a good part of the Jets success last season.
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