"The Family" - Sanford's Republican Theocon Cult

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    'Family': Fundamentalism, Friends In High Places : NPR

    Quoth their leader...

    This from the book excerpt at the bottom of the page, which is the most fun part of this article. In it he explains in loving detail what a good example Genghis Khan was, because he'd stuff an enemy in a crate, have a table set on the crate and eat a feast while his enemy suffocated and screamed.

    God Bless America, right? No, no, no, not God BLESS America... Whoops, wrong reverend ;)

    Do we really need these sorts of guys informing our policies anymore?

    Oh and by the way, yes, this is where Sanford goes for his "spiritual guidance," the C-Street "Family." Hence his rambling references to King David.

    "interesting set of rules" indeed, to quote Coe's phrase.
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