The EXTREMELY Official Adopt a Sophomore Binky Thread

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JSn, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    So thinking over the rookies from last year, I think it's time we adopt out the sophomores as Binkies. Multi-parent families are a-ok.

    Mayo is ineligible.

    Your options:

    Vince Redd
    Bo Ruud
    Matt Slater
    Shawn Crable
    Tyson DeVree
    Gary Guyton
    Jonathan Wilhite
    Terrence Wheatley
    BenJarvus Green-Ellis
    Kevin O'Connell (with a side order of tarred-and-feathered)

    Tell us why and what your hopes are for the guy as his adoptive Binky-master.

    For me, the clear choice is Gary Guyton. I believe he will destroy the competition in camp at ILB and start at the position this season, probably at game one. I'm expecting a solid camp and I believe he is intent on maximizing his strength this off-season to increase his run support.

    I shall call him Scary Gary Guyton, or "Mr. Fibre" as I expect him to immediately clear up irregularity in all those that line up across from him.

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  2. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #22 Jersey

    I think the easy ones are Guyton, Whilhite, Wheatly because they actually contributed last year.

    But I am going with everyones binky from last year Matt Slater. Everyone was in love with him in camp last year and despite a fumble in one of his only returns he otherwise was actually pretty good on STs. He is versatile as he can play FS and WR and as it sits right now he is like 5th on the WR depth.

    I think he will continue his role as contributer on special teams and as scary as it sounds maybe he even takes on the KR duties. Plus maybe he can stay number 5 WR even though we are sure to bring in another player there.

    Edit: and I dont know about binky but I think he will improve.
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  3. ScottieC

    ScottieC In the Starting Line-Up

    I'll take Mayo - His ineligibility is irrelevant.
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  4. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Dude, that's like picking a bear to win a cage-fight against a blind midget... err... little person.
  5. strongside

    strongside Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Ditto on Slater. I never did get to see that "3rd gear" on kick off returns.
  6. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Wilhite and Wheatley are both very tempting, but I'm going to go with Crable. We saw basically nothing from him last year- if he can come in and contribute this season, it would be huge for the LB corps.
  7. Feep50

    Feep50 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I have to get on this train..... Crable is my Binky!
  8. apple strudel

    apple strudel Banned

    Crabes/Wheatley for guys who didn't really get on the field last season. Guyton otherwise. That said, I've never outgrown binkies as I never even needed one. /sternface
  9. BlitzFritz

    BlitzFritz Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    ditto - i WANT crable to be the surprise binky!! we need him to be.

    but i agree w jsn that guyton is MOST LIKELY to come out strong. the guy is fast fast fast, and with some good second year heft added thru "nfl nutrition" should be able to play on first and second downs too

    -- FRITZ
  10. Sleeping King

    Sleeping King Practice Squad Player

    Crable. They desperately need a pass rush.
  11. Feep50

    Feep50 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Come on Pats fans!

    Get on board the Crable-Train before it leaves the station! :D

    We all expect Guyton to improve exponentially when we saw him getting snaps during the regular season.

    The Crable-Train is virtually an unknown quantity......
  12. mmasterkillah

    mmasterkillah On the Game Day Roster

    #11 Jersey

    Terrence Wheatley

    Absolutely phenomenal athlete who is willing to learn the position. Great leader in college. If he can stay healthy...

    Shawn Crable

    Led the Big Ten in TFLs his final season in college. Needed to put on weight, but is tall, strong upper-body and can really run, not to mention his inuitive ability to get into the backfield.
  13. patriots pam

    patriots pam Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    BenJarvus Green-Ellis!

    He really stood out to me for the limited role he had. Of course, that could be because I was able to pick out that long ass hyphenated name on his back even from across a room or without my glasses...but whatevs. BJGE it is!
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  14. muslimman

    muslimman On the Game Day Roster

    Im really excited to adopt Terrence Wheatley as my Binky. He is unfortunatley another of the many guys we didnt get to see a lot of last season...

    But from what I did see I feel like this kid has a ton of potential and if he could step up for us in '09 it will be an enormous boost for the secondary. He reminds me a lot of Terrel Buckley, a solid coverage corner that is very smart and a hard worker, not only that but Wheatley is probably more physically gifted than Buckley was.

    What impressed me the most about Wheatley was his last few snaps before the season ending injury against the Colts. He looked comfortable out there and had back to back huge plays (after the second one he broke his wrist) where he deflected two passes from Manning intended for Harrison (not sure if both were intended for Harrison).

    Go Wheatley!
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  15. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Hahaha yeah, Crable train filled up qiuckly!
  16. blackglass3

    blackglass3 Supporter Supporter

    #11 Jersey

    May I go out on a limb and choose Bo Ruud? I don't really have a reason except he's been raised as an LB by his father and older brother, and I imagine football is in his blood. He's had one year to get into NFL size and shape, and this could be the year he starts to contribute at very least on special teams.
  17. Bring Back Antowain!

    Bring Back Antowain! Practice Squad Player

    Angelo Craig and Ryan Wendell maybe Tyson DeVree. Just kidding.

    But seriously, BJGE was my binky last year from the day we signed him, and it was great to see him progress the way he did.

    Vince Redd was another binky of mine... didn't do too much last year, but I'm still holding out on him.

    Guyton really grew on me... I think he could eventually start next to Mayo in the middle.

    But I'm going to go with Jonathan Wilhite. He really impressed me from the get-go. And when he started the last four games of the season, the pass defense was heavily improved. He made no big mistakes. He is excellent in zone coverage, is fluid, has his college injury history behind him, doesn't look to have bad ball skills (as was originally pegged). I think he could be the next late round gem from the Patriots. He really does remind of Asante Samuel.
  18. Grizzafted

    Grizzafted Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Wheatley for sure. I think he's got a big year in him. I expect he'll be our no.1 guy in 2010.
  19. crowell33

    crowell33 In the Starting Line-Up

    let me be the first, ( and probably the last ), to nominate BO Ruud.
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  20. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    You will be both as he does not exist.
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