The End Of A Dynasty Lol!

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    what's up? Nice to see that "good old look" on Brady and Bellichek's face tonight.

    a good game, and thoroughly entertaining for everyone.

    See, what would bother me the most is that watching this game, it's extremely clear that your baby boy Brady is not the same cool cat he was in the past.

    Lets face it, everyone get's old sometimes, and for Brady, it happened a little sooner than the others.


    Lets discuss: the best thing about the guy was that he was able to sit back in the pocket and make all the right choices and accurate throws even when he was about to take a hit.

    I guess playing so many high intensity playoff games has just worn him out! It's extremely obvious that he is a lot more nervous in the pocket and you can tell this not only by his body language but by his choice of reciever and his throws. The guy has been throwing high and too far all season, because he is so scared to take a hit now he just wants to fling it out ASAP.

    Also, for all you idiots blaming this game on Mangini, who will go on to be a GREAT Head coach in New York, please dont delude yourself. You still had an accessible win when brady had the ball at the endzone. Unfortunatly your former hero is so shook of blitzes now he made a TERRIBLE throw and cost your team the ballgame. Besides a million fumbles :p

    Your O-Line and D-line is aging, your secondary is trash, and after this season it's clear you dont have the magic QB anymore.

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    And the Jests are still the Jests. Ever more. Ever more. Ever more.
  3. for once this isnt about the jets though.

    it's about the pat's looking at SERIOUS trouble.
  4. SoonerPatriot

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    You mean "I can hear Pennington's rotator cuff crackling from here" trouble or "Holy crap, we gave away Santana Moss and he had a career year!" kind of trouble?

    Or maybe, "Laverneus Coles my daddy played with my wee wee" trouble?

    Hey on a not so unrelated note, Im watching a James Bond movie on AMC. It was made in 1968. You know, the last year the Jets were relevant.
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    Leaving aside your other comments, you are obviously not a big watcher of the New England Patriots. The current starting O line (full strength) would be Matt Light, Logan Mankins, Dan Koppen, Steve Neal and Tom Ashworth/Nick Kaczur. I haven't looked but only one of those can possibly be over 30, I think (Ashworth). None of them is close to retirement. That is blatantly untrue.
    On the D Line we have three starters in Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren, who were drafted in the last five years.
    There are problems with the secondary but they are being addressed. Don't forget injuries to Gay, Starks, Poole and Harrison.

    Remind me again who the Jets are playing in the AFCC game.
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    uhhh...the average age of our starting offensive line is 25...the avg age of our defensive line is 26...brady is are tool...i mean troll...nope wait a minute...tool

    3 out of 4
    no matter who you root for, you're jealous of the Pats success :)
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    I was hoping my fellow Bronco fans would show some class and not rub the Pats fans noses in this. Obviously, I was wrong. Brady is a class act, the best in football. You should be proud of him and the effort the Pats put out last night. They'll be back.
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    You're right. It isn't about the Jets because it's the post-season. The jets are always an afterthought by now.
  9. Bertil

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    ...except when Belichick was their DC!
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    This sounds like a description of your lame Jets team that hasn't won anything since the 1960's. :confused:
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    Lets see, we have a JEST fan coming to our board and throw crap our way?

    I can't get pissed off about that. It is so pathetic. I wonder of he/she/it is typing with a brown paper bag over his/her/it's head.
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    I usually don't respond to stupid trolls, but this one takes the cake.

    "Your ... D-line is aging" That line in and of itself proves what an idiot you are. I think you know the truth that teh Pats are going to continue to be a force in the coming years. You're just jealous that your weak-kneed team can compete.
  13. coltshater

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    You should update the Refs cap on your avatar from a Colts logo to a Donkeys. The fix was in last night. :mad:
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    Maybe one of each.

    MDPATSFAN On the Game Day Roster

    The poor step children of the NFL, first Parcells abandons them, then BB and now Herm. How can Fireman Ed hang in there through all the dysfunction and losing? Do they even have a Stadium?
  16. HAHA.

    look I know its rough for you guys... Your year is over, and you face a multitude of problems for next year.

    How will you win with a broken Brady at the controls? The guy showed real signs of degenerating this year, especially in games that counted. He is scared. The fear is in him now. He makes terrible choices and throws the ball in the air just to get it away from his body.

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