The Defense blew the game....

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rj_right, Jan 22, 2007.

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    I've come to realize that the defense blew the game for us. Everyone EXCEPT for Samuel and Hobbs are to blame. They didn't step up. Samuel did a good job on Harrison, and Hobbs did a good job on Wayne. But who in the hell was guarding Dallas Clark. He was all over the place. Plus the defense was tired. What is off season conditioning for. The offense put up 27 points minus the Samuel pick. Thats plenty compared to what the Chiefs and Ravens scored combined against the Colts. McDaniels came up with a good game plan, Special teams w/ Hobbs and Gostkowski were good. It all comes to the defense, and they stayed in New England. They gave up 3 consecutive TD's. What's with that???????
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    You should blame no one, Colts are a very good well coached team, no shame in losing to the Colts, besides if the O could of controled the ball and won the the battle of ball controll maybe the D would not of gased out.

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