The Day the SuperBowl became Wrestlemania

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by B-LO Baby, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Well, NFL, you got your fairy tale ending. Jerome Bettis got his ring at home. Congrats. The more marketable team won and the you'll will be able to sell millions upon millions of dollars of merchandise, memorabilia, etc. to the enormous Steeler Nation. Would've been hard to do the same if the champ came from the Pacific NW.

    What you did, however, will forever cast a cloud over your beloved, overhyped backup RB and his Cinderella finish. How could you do this to the millions of fans that made you by far America's No. 1 professional sports league? The sanctity of the game is forever tarnished.

    I won't go over the numerous bogus calls, made at just the right moments. I'll barely mention the coverage, which laughably showcased an entire first half of Lombardi Trophy montages with only Steeler players. I will wonder, though, why a backup RB since 2001 was miked for the game, while his counterpart, the NFL MVP and TD record-holder, wasn't.

    Do us fans of small-market teams have any hope? Will we be given a fair shake only if we have a marketable story or an amazing amount of hype? Thanks for turning a sports league into an entertainment business.
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    I trace the decline of the NBA also to the horrendous officiating during the Shaq/Kobe Lakers team championship seasons.

    I am not sure if you remember the Lakers- Philly game where Shaq was literally LIFTING Mutombo with his butt and pounding Mutumbo to smithereens, and all the fouls were called against Mutumbo. I thought the NBA lost all its credibility when the referees and the league started to fool around with the officiating.

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    bogus calls will ruin the nfl.

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