The Chargers Achilles heal

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by rtunstal, Jan 14, 2007.

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    The Chargers are a very good team, but they are getting way to ahead of their selves. I believe they think because they beat New England last year in their house that the Patriots have no chance of beating them in their house. This ****iness could be their down fall. Many teams have thought this in the past and have paid for it.

    Payton even stated that he really does not want to see the pats in the AFCC, because he knows that regular season games mean squat in the playoffs. He better then anyone knows this. Even players from the Steelers know this to be true, but this young Chargers team does not believe this and it could be their Achilles heal.
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    I heard when Payton was asked which team he wanted to play, Pats or Chargers. His only reply was " The Pats are a different team in the playoffs "

    Let's hope so, as they go up against a very strong team, personally, I'm already very nervous. I've got butterflies and I'm not even playing in the stupid game. My wife wants to invite her family over to watch the game, NOT. The last time she did that, it was the Pats and Colts, since they're all Steeler fans, they were routing for the Colts because of Dungy. Man was I pissed !!!!!!!! If your not Pat fans, stay away from me during the game !!!!

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