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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. mgteich

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    What rules are there for 2011 in addition to the holding of the 2011 draft?
  2. Metaphors

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    I've wondered the same thing. The draft is usually at the end of the major free agent activity. Will it be the same in that they begin the 2011 league year, start free agency, hold the draft and then effectively hit the pause button? Since there aren't any clear rules for the 2011 league year (no CBA) I'm not sure how free agency would work re: tagging, restrictions, roster limit, etc. But I've heard repeatedly that the 2011 draft will happen and I can't see it happening any earlier than it typically does. What do teams do from March 1 to the end of April? Lots of questions with no clear answers.

    That being said, I doubt the CBA situation gets that far. Everybody loses, but the players are less able to withstand a lockout. The NFL gets $1B per year from DirectTV through 2014, football or no football. That is over $30M per team per year with limited expenses. The players will fold like lawn chairs once they start missing paychecks and everybody (including the owners) knows that. So the players won't let it get that far.
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    Do the owners get monies from FOX, ABC/ESPN, and NBC if there is no season in 2011?
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    I don't think they do, but I would imagine it's under the same principle (that the NFL gets the money up front, but has to give the networks the same amount of time lost for free at the end of the contract).

    Yes. I can't imagine what FA would look like in that case, but the draft must happen in 2011 per the CBA, and as more than one person has noted, would be the last official action sanctioned by the current CBA.

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