The Bubba-Gump Oil Cleanup Company

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    This is actually a pretty interesting article about how BP is contracting shrimp boats to clean up the oil spill for about 3 grand per day. So Forrest and Lieutenant Daa-yaan can make some side money. :D

    Deprived of Livelihood, Gulf Shrimpers Work for BP Instead - ABC News

    Charles Rodriguez has been shrimping in the Gulf of Mexico, all the way from Texas to Florida, for twenty years. He had just finished fueling up his 90-foot trawler, Lady Joanna, for its first expedition of the spring season when the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded.

    With 84 million gallons of crude oil now estimated to be floating in the Gulf of Mexico, and most of America's offshore shrimping areas now closed off by the government as a result, shrimping is now out of the question.

    Instead, Rodriguez is putting the Lady Joanna to another use: helping BP clean up the oil spill.
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