"The Brady call" for roughing?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Schmo, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Schmo

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    Watching last week's game, the announcers dubbed the Wilfork hit on Edwards as "the Brady call". I assume they're referring to the play in which Tom Brady was injured last year. The only problem is, Pollard wasn't penalized or even fined in the aftermath. Just wondering where the logic is in naming a penalty after a so-called "legal" play. Seems like insult to injury (literally) that the Pats get penalized for a similar "legal" hit that took Brady out of the game for a year.
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  2. MVPKiller

    MVPKiller Practice Squad Player

    The penalty arose from Brady's injury, so it will forever be known as "The Brady Call", just like the Swine Flu, once a name catches on, you cant do anything to change it. My problem is, I was under the impression "The Brady Call" was when the defender was on the ground and lunged for the QB's knees? Not what Wilfork did at all.
  3. PatsFanSince74

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    I might be missing something here, but it's my understanding that the "Brady Rule" was put into effect during this past Off Season, in reaction to Pollard's hit, which was legal at the time but which is now illegal.

    Comparing Wilfork's hit on Edwards to the Pollard hit on Brady was a mistake by the announcers, as the "Brady Rule," as I understand it, applies to hits by a defender when he is already on the ground and then lunges at the QB's knees in order to complete an attempted tackle which (because of a block, timing or evasion by the QB) was not yet completed.
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  4. pork3

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    Spot on...
  5. jmt57

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    Fans as well as many in the media are going to incorrectly label any questionable roughing the passer penalty as the 'Brady rule' this season. While Wilfork's tackle may have been the first time we saw that happen it certainly won't be the last. MVPKiller and PatsFanSince74 are both correct, the 'Brady rule' is simply about a defensive player being on the ground and lunging at the quarterback's knees without getting back up first.
  6. cmasspatsfan

    cmasspatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    Tanguay read the rule on the air the other day, you cant go for the knees, not sure whether it matters if your on the ground, the rule also says you'll be penalized if you tackle above the knees but slide down and end your tackle on or below the knees. Wilford was clearly mid section and never went as low as the knees. Looks like a case of the ref being overly agressive and throwing the flag a little too quick.
  7. italia44

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    .......and telling that there was no fine for wilfork.
  8. Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Banned

    It's hardly an official designation, but I think when they change a rule because of a specific play, it usually gets remembered as, for example, "The Brady Rule." Kind of like how the horse caller rule is known as the Roy Williams Rule, even though when Roy Williams did it to T.O., injuring him for about 6 weeks, it was legal.

    EDIT: And yes, I agree with the others in this thread saying that the announcers were wrong and the Wilfork play was not a good example of the Brady Rule.
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  9. lurker1965

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    Here is my stupid theory based upon nothing.

    In week #1 the officials wanted to call that to show they were serious.

    In the week there were no good examples and there was only 1 game left after the Patriots.

    The ref saw something kinda, sorta, maybe if you squint, close. The irony of having the "Brady" rule called against the Patriots was perfect. ("Look, it is not for just them!")
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