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    From the Herald

    “I’ve never been around a better listener than Bill,” Ferentz said. “That’s unusual with head coaches. He’s very inquisitive, and he never asked a dumb question.
    “He was totally misunderstood in Cleveland. Lot of people thought he was arrogant. He was anything but that. If you love football, you love working for him. There’s no nonsense. No silly work.”

    Now hold on a damn minute. Haven't the media been telling us for weeks that BB is an arrogant, classless, flawed man that his players hate? What's going on here?
  2. The media is pissed because he doesn't tell them much. That is what I think.

    Plus, he cannot stand all of the inane questions from the reporters.
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    "It was 1993, and Maine coach Kirk Ferentz was being interviewed by Bill Belichick, then the coach of the Cleveland Browns. Belichick was looking for a line coach.

    “He beat up on me for two days,” said Ferentz, “then sent me home limping with my tail dragging.”

    Ferentz, now the Iowa coach, felt “I was bombing the interview. I thought, ‘This is going terribly.’ Belichick’s impossible to read. He’d be a great poker player. It wasn’t a comforting feeling. He called me back a couple of days later and beat me up again. I’d never been through a tougher interview.”

    Belichick hired him."

    Great story.
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    what a great read

    thanks alot man

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