The art of pass interference

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ShrewBeer, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. ShrewBeer

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    i was thinking about the horrible pass interference subject, and was wondering why more teams do not try to draw it.
    picture this; brady fires a bomb at moss 50 yds downfield, making sure the pass is just barely out of reach by both players. moss slows a little, making the defender run into him. moss acts like a punter, and falls down at the slightest touch, acting like he got mugged. therefore getting the pass interference flag.
    this could be an art, ie; some players would be much better at it than others, but a good qb and reciever could do wonders with this. if more teams did this, it might get the rule changed.
  2. A.C Vegas

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    If it's to Moss it'll be OPI 80% of the time cause the refs look for Moss on things like that and call him for the tickytack stuff
  3. WhiZa

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    It makes sense to catch the ball though because of the potential yards after teh catch. If you go for PI each time you probably won't be able to catch the ball.
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