The AFC is still up for grabs

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by blackglass3, Oct 14, 2012.

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    So after a few hours to relax and mull the game over, I have calmed down somewhat. Yes, we have our issues in the secondary. But I think they can be corrected by years end...and if Dennard can continue to do what he's doing him and Tavon Wilson could be starting come January. McCourty wasn't bad today, Arrington was but he's had good games in the past. Chung was Chung, but maybe if him and Gregory rotate with Wilson starting we will be ok. Not great, but not as bad as they looked today.

    Plus, I don't see the AFC West teams being in contention come AFCCG time. The Ravens took a huge blow today losing Webb (and maybe Ray Lewis, I guess tomorrow will determine that). The Texans are getting blown out at home right now to another team that lost to the Seahawks. Who else will be there come playoff time? Every team is flawed.

    I think there is hope. Next week we have our bitter rivals coming to our house, which should tell us alot.
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