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The 2007 Giants: How the Greatest Defense in the NFL won.

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatriotSeven, Feb 2, 2012.

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    The greatest defense in the NFL. The 2007 Giants. The version you haven't heard.

    The makings of the "greatest defense in the NFL"
    The greatest defense in the NFL is capable of doing incredible things. It is capable of transformations beyond anything you have ever imagined. It is capable of keeping the "greatest offense in the NFL" to 14 points only in Super Bowls while-inexplicably-allowing the most average of offenses to score 21 points or more at any other time. The greatest defense in the NFL is never consistent. It's always changing. You can't pinpoint how good they really are, because if you could, they really wouldn't be so great, you see? It was all part of the plan.

    The greatest defense in the NFL puts their team in such incredibly high pressure situations that sometimes, especially in the playoffs, the only way they are able to win football games is by having the ball last and scoring on their final drives or coming back from behind.

    The greatest defense in the NFL, the 2007 Giants, was so great it actually was wrongly ranked as the 14th ranked defense in points, allowing 20.8 points per game to an average NFL offense. An obvious disguise.

    Though it allowed "the greatest offense in the NFL" to score 35 points against them in the final week of the regular season, all this was simply just a ploy. They were just warming up. That same year, it allowed the #4 offense, Green Bay Packers, to score 35 points against them in the regular season. More misdirection. It allowed the #3 offense, the Cowboys and divisional rivals, to score 45 points against them to start off the season, in an attempt to set the stage and fool everyone at the end. They simply didn't want to show their cards.

    Playoff time.
    Now while most previous "greatest defenses" would begin setting themselves apart in the playoffs, amazingly, when playoffs came around this "greatest defense in the NFL", once again maintained their disguise first by allowing the 19th ranked offense in points scored, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to score 14 points. Though it may seem impressive, upon closer inspection it reveals its basically what an average NFL defense should allow to a sub-par offense playing bad enough to lose the turnover margin by -3. But this was to throw everyone off anyway. The Giants were only pretending to be a slightly above average team and NFL defense so no one would catch on even throughout the playoffs.

    But wait!

    A week later, it further allowed the #3 offense in the NFL to score even more, 17 points, while still winning the turnover battle, 3 weeks before the Super Bowl, furthermore disguising their true colors while their offense barely squeezed out another win. They wanted to make everyone think they were getting worse. Then a week after that, topped it off by allowing the #4 offense, who also went -1 in the turnover battle, to score 20 points against them in OT, once again fooling everyone watching, and putting their offense in a position to lose the game and go home if they didn't finish it off right. All part of the greater plan. So for 19 games, they managed to hide their true colors and perform entirely as expected all the way and up to 2 weeks prior to the Super Bowl.

    And then it happened.
    But the greatest of all tricks "the greatest defense in the NFL" ever did was that in a 2 week span leading up to Super Bowl 42, what could only be named the "greatest NFL coach" and "greatest underdog QB that ever lived" routed their troops together and said in one voice:
    "It is time!"

    You see despite the lack of rhythm and irregularity in practice during that 2 week time span, despite the inconsistency during the regular season, despite media week and the interviews, they managed to shock the world in the Super Bowl, by becoming that which they really were the entire time: "the greatest defense in the NFL".

    They put on the most amazing show and saved their best for last, keeping "the greatest offense in the NFL" who averaged nearly 35 points per game against average defenses to only 14 points in Super Bowl 42. This is something no one else had achieved that season, including themselves who got abused by the Patriots a month before. Something not even a #1 defense can accomplish against an above average offense, proven when the #1 defense in 2007 in points allowed, the NE Patriots, allowed the Giants offense to score 17 points in the same super bowl.

    In that moment, the Giants defense they shed their disguise, which they had waited to do all season long to show the world their true colors. They were not just the best defense that season, but "the greatest defense in the history of the NFL" far and above anything we had seen, far better than the #1 NE Patriots defense that year, and thus, could easily put a stop to "the greatest offense in the NFL" if they wanted to. In the blink of an eye. They just didn't want to lose their competitive advantage by giving it up sooner than the Super Bowl.

    Alternate arguments.
    Because the only possible way to explain how a slightly above average defense and offense that acts and performs exactly like one would expect for 19 games, including the playoffs, can become "the greatest defense in the NFL" in 2 media-frenzy filled weeks is if they were that defense all along and pretending. Right?

    Some tried to argue, but I'm sure you will now agree that it couldn't possibly have been that:
    -the Patriots offense simply sucked that game.
    -the most prolific QB/receiver duo in the NFL, just simply didn't have enough energy to handle 100,000,000 interviews, camera flashes, and paparrazis leading up to one of the most hyped Super Bowls ever.
    -that athletes simply can't perform two jobs, that of stars and entertainers at that crazy retarded level while leading the "greatest offense in the NFL" without being able to practice, concentrate and remain focus on the task at hand.
    -the #1 defense in the NFL in 2007, the NE Patriots, who allowed 17.0 ppg to an average offense, played exactly like the #1 defense and kept an above average offense, the NY Giants, to 17.0 points in the Super Bowl, because they were better prepared.
    -it couldn't possibly mean that "the greatest offense in the NFL" really didn't play anything like the greatest offense in the NFL in Super Bowl 42 and got its ass kicked by playing sub par against a decent, but not amazing, defense.

    Why it must be so
    It's preposterous to even think otherwise. No. That would make.......too much damn sense. That would mean that we have to accept that Tom Brady and Randy Moss are football players and human beings. That would mean that while the pressure was completely off of the Giants offense, defense, as well as NE's defense, allowing them to focus on the task at hand, Tom Brady and Randy Moss had to be the puppets of the NFL and ESPN for 2 full weeks leading up to Super Bowl 42, taking on media accolades before they really even finished their season. In fact that began full blast around week 12 when they were 12-0. That would mean that Tom Brady and Randy Moss can't handle the type of pressure only a freaking Presidential candidate has to face(with a full staff around them) when they have never even been trained for such things to begin with and the NFL places no restrictions on the media's onslaught. That would mean they are simply athletes and like any other human, it's a bit over the freaking top and too much to handle when you're trying to freaking prepare for a damn Super Bowl!!!

    And we can't have that now. We can't possibly have reason and common sense. It couldn't possibly mean that Bill Belichick realized that this year, and for a change, he's doing his best to keep the bags under Tom's eyes, clearly evident once again during media day, from getting too heavy by acting a little bit differently and trying to take some of the spotlight on him. Or putting it on an injured player that might not even be playing on Sunday but very much deserves it.

    It couldn't possibly mean that Peyton Manning is doing his best to help his little brother out too by taking on the media and a lot of the responsibilities so Eli can once again focus on the task at hand.

    It couldn't possibly mean, that the NE Patriots offense was not the "greatest offense in the NFL" in Super Bowl 42. And that in reality, even the "greatest offense in the NFL" can get its ass handed to it, by even a mediocre defense when it's two best players are not well prepared, maybe even a bit overconfident, but certainly, burnt out, worn out, and completely drained during the 2 weeks(and 2 months) prior to the Super Bowl in order to be playing at the level of execution needed to....win a freaking Super Bowl.

    No folks, what it really means is that the 2007 Giants defense has been overlooked. And I wrote this to give them FULL credit for what they have been missing all these years. Because only the "greatest defense in the NFL" can keep "the greatest offense in the NFL" to 14 points. Especially when it was able to transform itself in the manner that it did throughout the regular season. There can be no other explanation. So if this 2011 Giants defense is even better than that, as we have been led to believe, I think we all need to just take a step back, and prepare ourselves to marvel and awe at that which they must be: "The new greatest defense in the NFL".

    Or one can hope Tom and the Pats will benefit from a little less attention. And as a Patriots fan I hope the Giants have to face so many questions, cameras, interviews and microphones up their ass over the next 3 days that come Sunday they all walk like a bunch of abused men coming out of the "greatest gay sex party in the history of Indianapolis". Then maybe, they will get an idea of what it really means to be "the greatest anything in the NFL" and still win a Super Bowl.
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    COOL STORY BRO!! .. Tyree doesn't catch that ball, and you don't write that novel .. simple ..
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