The 1 opposing player to fear the most come playoff time...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Dec 5, 2006.

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    I am going to say without a doubt THE one player I fear and the one player who can hurt the Patriots in the Playoffs more so by himself than any other player on his entire team is Ladanian Tomlinson - I thought he was great in the past few years but he seems to have taken his talents to an all time high....Watching him in the past game sunday,It was scary the way he demoralized and disassembled a pretty decent Bills D-front - I know our D-Front is better but with Vrabel at his less favored spot and with Seau not there I am afraid if he gets passed the front 3 he may very well be gone,everytime he reaches that point....Of course thats only if we get to the misfortune of playing SD in the playoffs.

    Who is your 1 PLAYER you don't want to face in the entire playoff team picture?..I know a TEAM is one unit,not just 1 player,but if you could avoid having the Pats play against 1 guy (either on offense or defense) who would it be?

    For what its worth,the TEAM I don't want to face just happens to be the Chargers as a whole anyways....I don't worry about Peyton and Co,Peyton seems to put on Panties instead of a Jock once the big games come around and Aside from Clayton who I think is a future star I don't fear any receiver Baltimore has nor anyone on that team either,including Lewis,Reed & co on the D.
  2. Sean Pa Patriot

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    I fear LT , more than I will fear Manning.. But here is the one thing with LT and its the same with Manning, that I would not fear

    San Diego- Marty Schotenheimer
    Indy- Tony Dungy

    Pats - Bill Belichick

    You know who I will take my chances with , and it is not Marty or Dungy


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    Another guy from PA,Cool - Not far from me here in the wb/scranton area
  4. SoonerPatriot

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    Marty has an unbelievably good record against the Pats. They showed it last year while they were kicking our asses up and down the field. It was like 20-3 or somethign to that affect.

    I fear LT but the Chargers as a whole are scary on both sides of the ball. Right now that's the only AFC team that will be in the playoffs that I don't think we could beat at the moment. I'd say Denver, but I'm not sure they're going to make it.
  5. ironwasp

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    LT is playing like a beast right now, and the fragility shown by our run D during parts of Sunday's game with Detroit is a big concern. I think Rivers will give us chances but there's no doubt that on both sides of the ball, San Diego is a big problem.

    Beyond that, there's not a team out there to scare us if we play to somewhere near full potential, although I'm beginning to think that the Bengals might be the sleeper in the AFC. That team has come on a quite a bit since we thrashed them in their house, and the the Run D was stout against the Ravens last week.
  6. unoriginal

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    You're imaging things. The Pats run D was fragile while the Bengals were stout?

    Here is the epitome of stout defense:

    Rushes 20 Average Per Rush 4.5

    And here is what fragility looks like:

    Rushes 22
    Average Per Rush 3.5

    The former is what the Ravens racked up on the Bengals, and the latter is what the Lions did to the Pats.

    The only way the Bengals achieve a better run D than the Pats is if they start to play their games at the bottom of a lake.
  7. notex

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    id say rex grossman -- hes scary :rofl:

    seriously though...LT is the best running back to play in this game EVER with two exceptions....Barry Sanders and Jim payton?? i really cant think of a back that can just score at will like LT...nobody was as fun to watch as Barry Sanders one can match his moves.

    The only other guy that i would consider pretty scary is Larry Johnson but the Cheifs as a team dont at all..

    Don't even get me started on peyton - guys got no spine... i respect him as a QB but i really think hes gatta grow a sack...that goes for Eli too while were on that topic :mad: stuck in PA too...i call it "purgatory" tho
    during football season i cant watch my pats (no hard feelings thats the only reason) livin in westchester right now w/ my girlfriend....hometown of Bam Margera

    (originally from south shore boston)

    :rocker: Party on !
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  8. PatsMyBoyz!

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    LT,scariest player.
    Chargers,scariest team.
    BB,scariest coach.
  9. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Don't even get me started on peyton - guys got no spine... i respect him as a QB but i really think hes gatta grow a sack...that goes for Eli too while were on that topic :mad:

    Xactly.Despite our 2 recent losses I still can't shake my "totally NOT scared of the Colts" feeling. Don't get me started either lol.
  10. patsfaninpa

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    After seeing us having trouble containing Kevin Jones in space. I seriously doubt we can stop LT. We would have to play bend/don't break D and hope P. Rivers screws up.

    Hey, you stole my moniker!
  11. ironwasp

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    It is possible I was imagining things; it was just a sense I got from looking at the two games - and the Ravens/Bengals game I watched from 1.30am here after drinking half my own weight in wine.

    All things are relative: Until Sunday the Lions had shown virtually no ability to run the ball - and although Jones was back it was the same crappy O-Line - but during parts of the second and third quarters they ran all over us at will - worryingly so - and only Mike Martz will know why he abandoned that in the fourth quarter when it looked like the defence was tired and worn down.

    The Ravens have been an improving rushing force in recent weeks, and the Bengals pretty desperate against the run all season. But they got enough of the job done to win on Thursday night.
  12. Hamtown

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    The player I fear most of all is Adam Vinatieri. Need I say why.............. It still wakes me up in the middle of the night. I pray we don't face the COLTS. If we do then I pray we blow them out early and it doesn't come down to Adam needing to kick a 45 yarder in the snow of Foxboro to win.

  13. PatsDeb

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    I don't fear Vinitieri; he's human, having missed two kicks against us earlier this year and if it comes down to a FG, many kickers in the NFL can make a long one. LT is another story. Have we ever had a game against him where he didn't run all over us? I have been thinking before this thread that the only team I really don't want to face in the post-season is San Diego. They have a great D and a running game that will just kill us. I mean, lowly Detriot was able to pick up 30 yds on a running back screen play! Imagine what LT will do to us? The only hope is that Shotty has one of his post-season lobotomies and tries to beat us through the air with a play-off untested QB.
  14. SVN

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    considering all the QB's in the playoffs and our secondary as it is now a...i would say manning then palmer..past record what ever may be..


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    Close Moniker steal,:D but no cigar
  16. skri65

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    Step back for a bit. We have one of the best run defenses in the league. If Banta-Cain can settle in, then we will be able to stop LT. Yes, I said it.
  17. scout

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    LT and San Diego is the one team we don't need to play. LT and they have a good qb in Rivers and great tight end in Gates. They get Merriman back to solidify a good defense. No other team is even close. The Colts run defense is pathetic. Come playoff time when the real teams start to hit hard they are going to depend on Manning to score at will? I don't see Denver making the playoffs and if they do, they will have a rookie qb with five games under his belt going against a BB defense. Ravens...........remember what we did to them last year? McNair doesn't help them THAT much. If we can avoid San Diego and not turn the ball over we will be playing in February.
  18. broadwayjoe

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    Its a lot of good players out there come playoff time and LT is one of the best for sure but when we have a healthy team I don't mind who we play in the playoffs if a team is going to the Super Bowl most times they have to play the best team and even if it is San Diego,Indianapolis or whoever we have to face to get to the big dance you gotta make it do what it do baby.
    With that being said Go Pats and I hope Rodney comes back soon as you recall last year LT gashed our defense when we were in transition with Rodney being out for the season and Tedy out of the lineup and Monty Beisel in the lineup I guess I don't need to go on with that. I'm sure their are a few Pats that those other teams fear also. I have a lot of confidence in this team so bring on the best,
  19. PatsFanInVa

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: BB knows what to do with the one-guy-without-whom-they-crumble variety of threat. Now, stopping a Ladanian Tomlinson is no mean feat, but he doesn't give me night terrors.

    We're not the best team in the league. We have a damn fine run D, but an offense prone to mistakes, and issues at linebacker and secondary. Not horrifying issues, mind you; and remember, the Pats' attention to depth is legendary.

    HOWEVER, Ladanian Tomlinson 06 = Marshall Faulk 01, roughly. He's just the arrowhead the Chiefs use most often to get into the end zone, whether via ground or air. What happens if you can take him out of the game? I know, I know, Rivers and Gates, Rivers and Gates, Rivers and Gates. Something tells me that without LT, they become "good," rather than "great."

    One more thing: For those of you still fearing LT after this rant, start calling him "Lady Tom" in casual conversation, and the fear will dissipate.

    I don't fear a player, I fear a coach. And that coach is still... drum roll, cue Jethro Tull "Living in the Past"... SHANNY.

  20. njpatsfan

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    Yeah, can't let a little facts get in the way of a good supposition.

    Good post.

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