The 07 Giants remind me of...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats/Hokies Fan, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Pats/Hokies Fan

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    .. the 2003-04 Carolina Panthers

    Here's a team with a good pass rush, a solid running game, a star WR, and an inconsistent QB who became hot at just the right time.

    Both teams had a QB that turned the ball over frequently in the regular season and then stopped doing so in the post season. Both teams were poorly ranked in penalties and turnovers forced until the postseason. Both teams only marginally outscored their opponents, on the average, during the regular season.

    Obviously the playcalling for these teams were very different on both sides of the ball, but the rosters/stats were interesting.

    Let's start the comparison !

    Eli Manning : 3336 yds, 23 TDs, 20 INTs, 27 Sacks, 13 fumbles (7 lost)
    Jake Delhomme : 3219 yds, 19 TDs, 16 INTs, 23 Sacks, 15 fumbles (6 lost)

    Both were inconsistent during their regular season and then shined in the first 3 games of the post season. Both QBs Ratings jumped 20 points in the NFC postseason. Both QBs completion percentages jumped up at least 5% in the NFC postseason.

    Running Back :

    Both teams averaged around 130 yds/g running the football. Both teams had a power back (Stephen Davis/Brandon Jacobs) and an emerging faster back (DeShaun Foster/Ahmad Bradshaw)

    Wide Receiver :

    Both teams had a star (Steve Smith/Plaxico Burress) who would make big plays (obviously Smith with his speed and Plax with his size) and had 1000 yard seasons. Both teams also had a possession receiver with around 800 yards (Muhsin Muhammed / Amani Toomer).

    Defensive Line :

    Both teams had above average defensive lines with very solid pass rushers. Peppers/Rucker combined for 19 sacks, while Osi/Strahan combined for 22. Both teams had a solid 3rd pass rusher that could play DT/DE (Al Wallace / Tuck). Both teams also had an interior pass rusher (Jenkins / Robbins).

    Secondary :

    Both teams had almost the same # of INTs (Giants 15, Panthers 16). Both teams have/had an up & coming nickel corner with 3 INTs (Ricky Manning / Aaron Ross).

    Ok.. that's about as far as I can stretch it.. .but it's definetly interesting... to me anyway.

    I don't figure that we're going to see as many points (or as much passing yardage) in this superbowl as we did in that one.. but who knows.
  2. letekro

    letekro In the Starting Line-Up

    Excellent comparison. I think it will be similarly tough, especially if we lose our starting two safeties, as we did in that game.
  3. primetime

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    #18 Jersey

    Very good analysis of this Giants team. I'm actually kind of shocked at the resemblances, to be honest. Then again, that Patriots team was not as good as this Patriots team.
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  4. Pats/Hokies Fan

    Pats/Hokies Fan On the Roster

    Does this mean I actually posted an idea that hadn't been posted in the past 3 days ? It's a miracle !

    (Not on the board every day, so sometimes I'll think up something and then someone's like, "Great idea. So great I thought of it 3 days ago. <link> ")
  5. hambone1818

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    Well done with the comparison. Unfortunately for the Giants, though, this isn't the 2004 Patriots. As good as that team was, this team is considerably better and while the '04 offense was good, this one is record breaking and will have no problem with an upstart team that's clicking at the right time.

    Interesting comparison, though.
  6. rhodeislandpatsfan

    rhodeislandpatsfan Practice Squad Player

    The 07 Giants remind me of......... Cinderella at the strike of twelve!:D
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