That was fun, now lets play ball eh Pats?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by ALP, Dec 5, 2007.

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    i mean, i guess u didnt want ur fans to have to watch blowouts all season, so u took a little rest at the midpoint, tahts fine, sounds good to me...

    u gave us two very nerveracking games....we lived through it....just gave us some excitement, i guess u knew wut the outcome would have been, u seemed confident enough when u were watching the other group on the field, u sure didnt look worried to me....

    but i think its time to end that eh? u took ur break, u had ur close games, u played the only desperate teams that case pose a threat to u...

    miami and the jets have no chance, thats a given, no matter how desperate, the steelers are playing for the playoffs, they are not desperate, they do not want this win as much....the giants will prob be resting by then, its all well and good...

    now plz blow out ur next 7 games...i wouldnt mind it one bit, and u know wut, i think that is exactly wut will happen, the pats faced two desperate teams right in the middle of the season, and that was that, now they will face their next 4 opponents, and deal with them as they have dealth with the first 4.....

    and in the playoffs, well, by then, ull hear from me again

    but i expte the next 4 games to be blowouts
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