Texas Patriots fan here.

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Texxx, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Hello to all.

    Been meaning to check out a Pats forum for a while and I finally did.

    Been a Pats fan since Brady took over the team, because I liked watching him when he was that underdog QB that no one knew a whole lot about. I've been a huge Brady fan ever since so naturally I've been a big Pats fan and have really admired a lot of the players on the Pats over the years like Harrison, Bruschi, and Vrabel and of course Troy Brown.

    Any way I'm a Houstonian and a Texans fan first, but naturally after the Texans the Pats are my team and since we're never in the playoffs, I'm always right there rooting for the Pats and arguing why Tom Brady is better than Peydon Manning.

    Any way, I look forward to having many discussions about the Pats and hearing some of the local fans takes who may agree or disagree. :americaflag:

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