Terrorism in the Heartland, another dumb bastard is going to jail...

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DarrylS, Sep 29, 2006.

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    Apparently this jerk thought he was bombing an abortion clinic, instead it was a women's health center in Iowa... guess he will be needing some kneepads and chapstick as he adjusts to his new housing situation.


    Man accused of ramming Davenport clinic charged in federal court
    DAVENPORT, Iowa Federal charges are now pending against a Michigan man, alleged by authorities to have rammed his car into a Davenport women's clinic because he thought it performed abortions.

    David McMenemy, of Sterling Heights, Michigan, appeared in U-S District Court today on a charge of committing arson against a business affecting interstate commerce.

    He was originally charged with arson in Scott County District Court.

    Court documents unsealed today say McMenemy chose to attack the Edgerton Women's Health Center because he thought it was an abortion clinic. He apparently thought his actions would disrupt activities there.

    The center's officials say it does not perform abortions and does not provide abortion referrals.

    Officials say McMenemy crashed his car into the clinic's central lobby early in the morning hours of September 11th. He then splashed gas inside the car and set it on fire.

    The clinic sustained about 170-thousand dollars in damage. It reopened on Monday.

    Court documents say the federal charges were filed because the clinic's patients, employees and equipment used there come from other states.

    The charge carries a prison term of between five and 20 years and a fine.
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    I believe in legalizing ALL DRUGS

    I believe there should be an Abortion Clinic on every street corner in the World. (there are to many people, and to many scum bags are having children) after two abortions a women should be sterilized by the Government.

    I am also a Neo Con.
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    What is alarmingly messed up about pro-lifers, which I am, is that some, the loons of course, believe so much in the value of life that they try to blow people up in showing so. Doesn't anyone other than me find that slightly hypocritical?

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