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  1. OldEnglandPatriot

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    My girlfriend's father lives not too far from Nashville, so a trip to coincide with next season's Pats game there seems in order.

    Anyone know how hard it is - or isn't - to get tickets there?
  2. p8ryts

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    I went in 03, ebay big bucks

    Don't know if the interest is as high for the Titans as it was then. I ended up getting tickets in the last row of the lower level and paid about two hundred per ticket.

    Lots of nose bleed tickets available. It's a good take though. Park across the river from the stadium and walk the bridge across.

    It was not a Pats game it was Drew and the Bills.

    I intend to go this year myself. Probably tailgating with Titan fans, my son lives there.
  3. richpats

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    My g/f and I are probably making a weekend trip over to Nashville for the game- any advice on hotels, local attractions, etc?
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  4. denverpatsfan

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    Road Trip

    Nashville is on my list for a potential road games. Depends on the time of year and the costs of course. I am NOT paying $200 for a ticket. I would think you could get in cheaper than that.
  5. brdmaverick

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    ya, 200 bucks a pop is Gillette Stadium pricing, I dont think they same should be true for the Titans

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