Ten games to circle, and other NFL schedule thoughts

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    4. Indianapolis at New England, Week 9: Picture this little worst-case scenario for Patriots Nation: Adam Vinatieri,in a Colts uniform, in Gillette Stadium, nailing a last-second field goal to win as all of New England goes into a weeklong state of depression.
    Picture this Vinatieri hits a field goal before halftime and the Pats duplicate thier win from the 2004 playoffs 20-3.

    9. Miami at New England, Week 5: When we last left these two AFC East playmates, the Dolphins, winners of six in a row, had just beaten the Patriots at Gillette Stadium on New Year's Day (Doug Flutie drop-kick aside). The win gave Miami head coach Nick Saban a 9-7 mark in his first season as the Fish's head coach and seemed to signal that New England would no longer have a hammerlock on the division. This one should tell us if the Dolphins have further closed the gap, and if a changing of the guard is in store in 2006.

    Umm, selective amnesia here. The Pats played the scrubs and still almost won Don. If they went 8-8 and 2 games behind last year would you look differently at them?
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    "changing of the guard..." Oh please.
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    what a joke

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