tell me this isnt Felger, attacking Borges....

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    "The penalty might have been more severe is the material that Borges copied had not been part of a service that is available generally to NFL writers. Here's how one industry source explained it to us: "First of all, I don't like [Borges] at all. He's an arrogant prick whose coverage of Belichick and the Patriots does a disservice to my profession. He's so freaking anti-Belichick it's absurd. That being said, don't go overboard with this plagiarism stuff. What happens is that there are two 'notes' networks among NFL reporters. What happens is we send a file each week with interesting notes and quotes to the rest of the 31 beat writers so that we can fill our NFL notes sections each Sunday. Normally you rewrite what the other writer sends you, but obviously Ron just did the old cut and paste. I'm sure Mike Sando sent Borges a file with that exact passage in it. And Sando knew it would be used in some form. Obviously this isn't journalism at its finest, but that's what we do."

    This sounds like Felger especially the part "Hes so freaking anti-Belichick its absurd" Felger uses the word "freaking" ever 2.5 minutes...
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    Actually think it was Curran. He said something similar guesting on WEEI today.
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    So these guys are so "freaking" lazy they can't even come up with thier own stuff for a Notes Column?
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    Don't forget the weasely looking writer over at who posted here using four different aliases last fall (one of which was "I'mWrongBorges").

    Remember how much time our friend spent tearing down both Mike Reiss and Ron Borges? Thinly veiled salivating over both of their jobs at the Globe? Meanwhile these "four posters" where falling over themselves in praising the great work over whathisname (Alison's fiance) at
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    Sounds right to me.

    There are two forms of plagiarism. One is when you give solid attribution, but then get lazy and use somebody else's words. That's the common form, and people get slapped around for that but not fired, whether in the press or academia.

    The second is where you just totally steal somebody else's work and pretend you came up with it from scratch yourself. That warrants an outright firing, but is hard to prove.

    And by the way, Jeff Jacoby was caught doing it in a Globe column and merely suspended, although he had the mitigating factor that what he stole was an unattributed internet piece.

    Still, there's no way what Borges did in this instance is any worse than what Jacoby did.
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    As for Borges' writing -- yeah, even if Curran is the source, Felger could have said it too. Felger has his biases, but when he gives the "on the other hand" side, it's MUCH less hedged and undermined than when Borges does it. Felger IMO is dumb and/or lazy much more than he is malicious.
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    Borges got eaten alive on EEI today. It's refreshing to know that even those in his own profession know what a hack he is.
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    Seems to me it makes a lot of sense to collect 32 beat writers, one from each team, and organize an exchange of info to keep one another up to date and fill notes columns. That should benefit both the writers and the readers -- how else is a guy on, say, the Buccaneers beat going to be able to deliver good insights on the Vikings draft targets?

    But it's an exchange of info, not a fraternity-style term paper pool. You still have to produce the resulting article with your own ten fingers.
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    Borges is on Felger's radio program on ESPN Radio all the time and he's on his Fox Sports Net program 4 downs with Felger. I'm pretty sure he likes Borges.

    I think this was Curran but really it could be a lot of Boston football writers because quite a few do not like him.
  10. upstater1

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    Do you allr ealize that when Borges comes back he's going to be 10x worse than he was previously?

    coldhardfacts didn't break this. It was someone on one of these message boards. And Borges is going to do his best to be 10x more biased than he was before this happened.

    Enjoy the vacation, friends.
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    Was just thinking the same thing. This sounds almost verbatim what I heard Curran say this afternoon.
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    It could be anybody. I don't doubt that Borges isn't well-liked in the field of sports journalism, and he's a fairly national figure (writes for
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    You give him too much credit. This will be festering wound that will dog him for a long time to come. When he comes back he'll be on thin ice and he knows it.
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    He'll blame it on Belichick.
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    Remember Barnicle. He was only suspended too.

    Then they get that anti-plagiarism software and start searching his archives.

    Do you think this is the only, or the worst example of plagiarism for Ronnie?

    I predict a drawn out "trial" and eventual firing.
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    We can all hope for that to be true. This agenda driven journalism belongs in the National Enquirer not in the Globe.

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