Tell me one Republican ex-President who was ever this good

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by Patters, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Clinton Effort Reaps Pledges of $7.3 Billion in Global Aid

    Only those who promised to do something concrete about poverty, disease, conflict or climate change were invited. The entry fee for aspiring philanthropists was $15,000. Hundreds lined up for the privilege.
    Sir Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur, had promised to invest an estimated $3 billion of his personal profits from airlines and a rail company over the next decade in renewable energy sources.


    Various individuals, nonprofit groups and corporations β€” among them John and Jacque Weberg, who prospered as owners of a chain of Midwestern furniture stores, and Citigroup β€” cumulatively committed to spend over $1 billion on microfinance programs that provide poor people with loans, savings and insurance.

    Mr. Clinton yesterday asked Google’s wealthy founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who he said β€œbarely looked old enough to shave,” to stand and accept his thanks for giving free advertising on their search engine to any nonprofit group or charity that made a commitment through the Clinton Global Initiative.


    I can think of another Democrat President who devoted his retirement to good works -- Jimmy Carter, but hmm, a Republican? Must be a core values sort of issue. Oh, yes, the Republicans do have Bob Dole who devoted his retirement to the issue of erectile dysfunction. Maybe that counts?
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    Yeah Bubba is great at giving away other peoples money and taking credit. I will bet none of that money is his own but some of it funds his globetrotting.
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    I commend him for his work. I have no idea why this would be a partisan issue, but he should be commended no doubt. Lets not forget that Clinton was a very young president, and a Democratic one at that. Democrats are a socially driven party, hence its followers are far more likely to donate to a Dem leaders social calls. I actually think donations should be counted on to do more, and tax reciepts should be counted on to do less. I don't ever fault anyone for not wanting to donate money, as I feel teh government already donates enough for them. However you feel though, Clinton cleary deserves kudos for his work here.
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    Trailer Park White Trash, but he is probably one of the best "bullsh!tting politicians" this country has ever seen, he has no morals, no human dignity, he is untrustworthy (to his wife) and he has absolutley no conscience that is what makes him a GREAT politician. In Short he is piece of crap as far as a human being goes.

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