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    I guess I have this fear that the storyline is going to be Tebow regardless of what happens during the games. Even though I'm sure Belichick has already talked to Tebow about how to handle media questions, I can see local mediots and national mediots alike asking him everything from his opinions on the team to his religious beliefs. Do you guys think it will or won't be an issue?
  2. fnordcircle

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    Now that the Patriots have named him a 'star player' for media purposes he only has to be allowed to speak to media one time a week.

    There's going to be nothing to talk to him about after preseason because he probably won't be doing anything unless he plays on special teams or something.

    So no, I don't think it will be an issue. It's already died down and there won't be any ******* controversy about him getting snaps.
  3. bradytovereen

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    That's a relief.
  4. Joker

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    They have a plan for the Timsanity...whether it works remains to be seen. I think the local media will play ball because they KNOW what little they get from BB could dry up into a barren desert. The national morons,FESPN and NitwitFLN will pound this story like they're drilling for oil.
  5. DarrylS

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    When is the last time a third string emergency quarterback, hit the podium before or after a game???

    As much as the media will try, Tebow will not be allowed to become a focal point on this team...
  6. situational_awareness

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    I think the media will try, but they will get bored quickly when BB doesn't fuel the fire. The problem last year was Rex Ryan talking all that stuff about "secret Tebow packages" and about how they were going to use him so creatively. Also, in Denver and NY, the starter was questionable. In NE, Brady is unquestioned. I think the only chance for this to get ugly is if Brady gets injured and the discussion turns to Tebow vs Mallet. Even still, I think BB will handle it well, even if Mallet gets the start... but Mallet will be under immense pressure to win, not just from the media, but under personal pressure to prove he deserves the starts.

    As a Tebow fan also, I wouldn't question BB if he started Mallet over Tebow. I have so much more respect for his decision making than Fox or Ryan. I feel as though if he says, "Mallet gives us the best chance to win" that it is genuine. Tebow is the 3rd string QB, and I have no expectation that he is going to play QB this year. I do think BB will have a competition for #2 and #3 this preseason though. It's plausible, but unlikely that Tebow will usurp Mallet's position.

    Unless BB has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Ryan Mallet jersey on his arm, this should be a non-issue. ;)
  7. Brady6

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    Really don't have much to say about the subject, but I wanted to say I really like your user name. I think that's going be a dynamic tandem this year.
  8. FCB02062

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    Considering the fact that the Patriots "value" drafting strategy landed them an alleged murderer, and they subsequently gave said alleged murderer a HUGE contract extension, I think the Tebow stuff will take a bit of a back seat in camp....:rolleyes:
  9. Concerned_Citizen

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    Pretty much happened a year ago with Tebow. Sure, he was listed as the backup, but in practice it never really was the case because the guy supposedly behind him on the depth chart got to play twice while he played punt protector and got a few token snaps in some gimmick. Yet he pretty much got his weekly presser.

    Always left me scratching my head as to why the media always annointed him the king of the team. I recall ESPN talking about the game for the following week when, "The Houston Texans take on... TIM TEBOW and the New York Jets..." As lousy of a team as they were, I can't quite figure out when the Jets became "Tebow's team" where some gimmick player that spent more time at punt protector than at QB became the face of the franchise.

    While I doubt that kind of annoyance will be there with the Patriots, would anyone be surprised if some media hack prior to a game says, "The Buffalo Bills take on... TIM TEBOW and the New England Patriots!!!?"
  10. Potzer

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    I would not worry about this. Tebow has been exceptionally well schooled in handling the media. It'll be cliche's, I just want to help the team, happy for the opportunities.
  11. Ironman44

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    It can not be said better than that.

    Exactly , the only person on earth that says less than BB in an interview is Tebow

    1. Just working as hard as I can
    2. Trying to get better.
    3. Trying to help the team

    over and over and over and over and over and over.
  12. FirstAndGoal

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    I wonder if the "star" designation also allows the Patriots to determine when Tebow would be available? If so, I would make him available at midnight on Saturday before a game (lol).

    In other words, if possible, it would be smart if the Patriots could pick his availability to limit the interest as well. You don't want his time to be right after a game
  13. Oinko

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    They choose the time, but it has to be a reasonable time. But it does not have to be on game day. So they can choose a Tuesday practice, make him available, and say "that's your one time."

    It can also take place in the locker room, and doesn't have to be a podium trip, I believe.

    They've really done him a solid favor my using the "star" designation this way. I don't think a lot of people understand how the NFL rules work with media access. The reporters have the right (under NFL media rules) to have questions with him, if they request it -- and the players are instructed by the team media rep when to be available. A player is not allowed to just shun the media indefinitely. But the "star" designation will allow them to decline most media requests.
  14. lurker1965

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    You are new, so I won't laugh at you. No. It will not be an issue.
    Unless he stokes the fire - which gets him cut - E!SPN and such will TRY to make it an issue, but it will die quickly when Belichick addresses the questions.
  15. Brady6

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    Remember how much Chad Johnson was allowed to speak to the media? That's what I expect for Tebow.
  16. Rob0729

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    People need to stop with the Tebow and the media talk. There are a number of differences between this year and last year:

    • The Jets invited the media circus last year. They had a press conference for Tebow when he arrived. They invited ESPN to broadcast live from training camp. They announced that they would have have special packages for Tebow and made a point to make it that they would have private practices to implement those packages.
    • The QB situation is far different. No one is going to talk about Tebow supplanting Brady as QB1. Heck, people probably won't be talking about him supplanting Mallet as QB2. Last year, he was competing with Sanchez for QB1 and Sanchez is arguably one of the worst starting QBs in the league.
    • Tebow came into NY as the guy who carried the Broncos into the playoffs and even got a playoff win. Now he is the guy who couldn't even beat out Sanchez or even Greg McElroy for the starting job with the Jets. He is also the guy no one wants. The luster of Tebow has worn off.
    • Belichick will keep the guy away from the media and he discourage Tebow from saying anything.

    I know Jets fans are savoring for a Tebow media circus here, but this isn't the Jets. The media knows Tebow is not going to play QB here and probably will not even be active on Sundays. And the Pats aren't the poorly run organization the Jets are. Seriously, do you ever see Belichick inviting ESPN to broadcast live from training camp? He doesn't even let reporters Tweet while the practice is going on.
  17. I do not think it will be a NE Patriots issue. I do think it will be an issue for the media peeps. :D
  18. situational_awareness

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    Pretty much exactly what I said...

    So I agree with you. ;)
  19. Jackson 2

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    Those clichés, if they're uttered, will be spoken post-game in front of a mirror at Tebow's home.
  20. Joker

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    Uh oh...now you done dood it,Jacks.....here they come any minute.....


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