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TC Report 7/31/07 AM

Discussion in 'Patriots 2007 Training Camp Reports and Photos' started by Pats726, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Pats726

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    Just back from practice...Not a great one at all...and hearing some of BB's news conference I think the PM session will say a lot about where this team is at.
    -----Pierre Woods was the first on the field, a few minutes ahead of QB Matt Gutierrez and the usual kickers/punters etc.
    -----Brady and Moss were not a large part of the practice session; Cassel got most of the work and some of the lesser known wideouts got a lot of reps.
    -----Russ Hochstein had some time at long snapping early in the practice.
    -----There were 4 officials present and CoachB spent some time talking to them.
    During one of the kickoff situations, a flag was thrown on an obvious offside. (Much better to get those small things out of the way now than later.)
    -----A lot of handoffs and running, mostly by Maroney and Faulk; not Morris.
    -----The 7-7 and 11-11 were interesting and the receiver who made the best catches was rookie Dunlap. The best, one over the middle from Cassel.
    -----The one person who I wouldn't wanted to have been was Matt Kranchick whow as yelled at by a coach when he either did it line up right or moved incorrectly. The play was stopped, Watson was put in, but an offensive huddle was called. The Coach must have been steaming at that point.
    -----Gostkowski was again solid kicking with Miller holding and sent them through the uprights onto the hill.
    -----Receivers signed today and RandyM spent some time near the bleachers and the hill.
    -----It was a sparse crowd at first, but swelled a bit later in the session. 3-4K??
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  2. 37Harrison

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    #37 Jersey

    Thanks for the post.
  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    Thanks Stan!
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