Taxes: Up, Up, and Away!

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    Obama lied most memorably about not increasing taxes on ninety-five percent of Americans.

    The Pelosi Congress has already tried to bust that with the hideous cap-and-trade energy tax.

    A couple of years from now this campaign lie of Obama's will be understood more fully.

    Doug Bandow, excerpting a WaPo storty, has the goods on what's to come.
    Each dollar taken from the productive sector and given to the parasitical one hurts the economy.

    You may be surprised that according to a Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal ranking of countries and their economic freedom, the US is still in the top ten but very close to slipping below Canada. So much for the thinking that we are more free market than Canada.

    (Canada does mightily benefit from being a free-rider of our military dominance and innovation with drugs. They don't need to spend as much on its own military and can have the US pay for the exorbitant costs in producing new drugs by mandating "at cost" prices.)

    I'm reminded how Woodrow Wilson destroyed the use of the political term "progressivism" for several generations. He became so unpopular. Part of that was the rise of revisionist historians who demonstrated to the educated populace the needlessness of the Great War.

    This is why Gore Vidal stopped voting in American presidential elections. Wilson had the main campaign plank of "He kept us out of the War." Six months later, however, we'd be in it.

    Obama was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, an intelligent moderate who would bring us together. But Thomas Sowell had the proper take on him during the election. Obama was the youngest candidate with the oldest ideas.

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