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Discussion in 'Red Sox Fan Forum' started by ausbacker, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. ausbacker

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    Putting aside the obvious BoSox bias, thought I'd contribute a little on the Rays.

    This side is clutch. For some reason or another, I'm really enjoying their ability towards the ends of games to come from behind or put the foot to the gas when it matters. It's an absolute pleasure to watch.

    I'm hopeful that the Sox can do some damage, especially looking like we'll be playing against Anaheim as it stands. That said if not, I'd be certainly rooting for Tampa to make a real crack of it.

    Leaving runners in scoring positions has killed us of late, especially in big moments. I am hopeful the Yankees give us a real run for our money in preparation for the playoffs and we come through each time.

    Who would have thought!
  2. patsfanofNC12

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    It surprises everybody I'm sure, I thought the whole season the Rays would collapse but they never did!
  3. patriotspride

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    f the rays. i wish them nothing but sh!t. fla doesnt deserve mlb baseball teams. i hope they get swept.
  4. scout

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    If not the Sox, then the Rays.
  5. Real World

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    I rooted, as a baseball fan, for the Rays to make the playoffs (obviously if the Yankees didn't), cuz we always love the underdog. However, after seeing the seats empty in their last series against the Sox FOR FIRST PLACE, I'm feeling more like you. I still would like to see them do well, but I'll root for them this season, and never again. Those fans don't deserve anything, since they don't even show up for a first place team. Gross.

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