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    Hey guys,
    I live in California and I'm flying out for the Ravens game in October. This is my first time to Boston, so I just had a few questions. I plan on taking the train from Boston to the game, so can some of you guys with train experience tell me:

    A) how long does it take to get on the train (I'm assuming there will be thousands of people?) How long is the ride?
    B) I'll be in Boston proper, where is the best place to catch the train?
    C) Do the trains arrive with enough time to go walk around a bit at the stadium? How far is the drop off from the actual stadium gates?
    D) How long does it usually take to get back on the train after the game? I took the trolly at a San Diego game once and I waited in line for over an hour to just get back on.

    Any help would be great. I'm really trying to maximize my time and I have no idea how to plan for that Sunday
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    MBTA > Riding the T > Patriots

    I would also check out the EndZone Motor Inn (short walk to the stadium). There are still rooms available for 10/17.

    Americas Best Value Inn (Foxboro, MA) - Motel Reviews - TripAdvisor

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    Hi Guys, I have a similar type of question I hope to come over for either the Ravens game in October or the Colts game in November, I have previously been to the old Foxboro stadium in 1998 and on that occasion I stayed in Boston and got a train on game day, the problem I had was that the trains ran only 2 hours before kick off, not leaving much time for having a look around the stadium pre game.
    I believe that could still be the case, the thing is I would like to visit Patriot Place ,the Hall and the Pro Shop etc on a non match day, as time would be limited on gameday, would my best option be to hire a car from boston to foxboro or are there other methods of transport to use?

    Many Thanks in advance and Go Pats!

    Chris Guy
    UK Patriot

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