Tailgating at Gillette

Discussion in 'Patriot Nation' started by indy597, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Got tickets for the 1/1 game - never been down to Gillette before - do they allow small contained fire pits to be set up in the parking lots? we're bringing the usual grills and gear but this time of year I thought it might be nice to have a fire too.
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    Well, you could give it a try - but be prepared to extinguish it.

    Gillette Stadium - Information - Parking

    When tailgating, open fires are not allowed in Gillette Stadium Parking Lots. This includes all fire pits as well as open fires on either dirt or paved surfaces. Normal charcoal and or propane grills are allowed while tailgating, however, they must be contained in our tailgate area and should be operated in a safe manner. Gillette Stadium personnel as well was Foxborough Fire Department will be routinely patrolling the parking lots and asking fans to put out all open fires. Fans who do not extinguish their open fires will have them extinguished by the fire department and will be subject to removal from the Stadium property without refund.​

    Enjoy the game!

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