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  1. bulbismontoya

    bulbismontoya Rookie

    hey all i will be attending the final home game of the regular season against the bills,im travelling from scotland,i was at the bills game at the end of last season aswel(what a lovely sunny day that was),,i was wondering how tailgaiting works?is it all just friends getting together pre-game or are there any clubs or groups that do it that welcome visitors??any advice would be great.,,
  2. meatface

    meatface In the Starting Line-Up

    ive always just gone with friends, made food and drank beer.
  3. Mark Morse

    Mark Morse PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter


    You are welcome to come join us at the Razor's Edge Tailgate in the Rodman Ford lot on Rte 1. If interested drop me a line. This is a 97 person tailgating fangroup and we usually get between 30 - 60 people for every game. Would love to have you join us!
  4. king_ejd

    king_ejd On the Roster

    Hey Mark,

    Are all welcome? My buddy and I are 2nd year season ticket holders, but most of our friends

    aren't terribly interested in football. So, we end up tailgating alone. It's a sad state of affairs ;)

    We were hoping to branch out and meet new people.
  5. bulbismontoya

    bulbismontoya Rookie

    Hi @Mark Morse - Mark thanks for the offer, I would love to come along; how does it work? I am staying in the centre of Boston while I am over.
  6. Mark Morse

    Mark Morse PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    All are welcome ... I hope you realize where Gillette Stadium is located in relationship to downtown Boston? Its no where near downtown Boston!!! Will you have a car? Its about 45 minutes outside of the city. There is a train that goes from downtown Boston, but it arrives 30 minutes before the game and leaves 30 minutes after the game. No time for tailgating. If you are interested I will notify you the Monday before the game.

    Bring whatever you want to drink. There is usually plenty of food. All we ask is that you make a donation to our tailgate charity!
  7. bulbismontoya

    bulbismontoya Rookie

    Yeah, I know its a good bit outside the city... last year I used Boston Commons Coaches who run a charter trip out to Gillette and they arrive 3/4 hours before kick off, so I am hoping to use them again this year; I think that is the only way I can get out and leave a bit of time for tailgaiting before the game. How close is your party to the stadium? I have to pick my tickets up on the day of the game from the ticket office.
  8. Mark Morse

    Mark Morse PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    We are in the Rodman Ford parking lot at the 1st pedestrian crosswalk on Rte 1 S. You probably have just enough time to pick up your tickets and get into the stadium in time for the Kickoff.
  9. Mark Morse

    Mark Morse PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    What lot do you park in? WE are at the Rodman Ford Lot but set up right on the grass by the sidewalk on Rte 1. We are right at the Pedestrian crosswalk. Look for the red banner that says Razor's Edge Tailgate.
  10. bulbismontoya

    bulbismontoya Rookie

    thanks mark,,i should manage to find yous without much hassle,,would it be easier if i gave you my email address for any last minute changes like kick off times,,or is it just as easy to get info on pats fans.com??once again many thanks for the invite and cant wait to experience tailgating,,
  11. cal0904

    cal0904 Rookie

    Mark, we usually tailgate in P2 but are deciding to make a move for the playoff game(s)....Do you meet ahead of time and caravan in. Let me know, is there a way I can contact you ahead of time. Thanks
  12. wadda4u

    wadda4u Rookie

    Looking to attend the game on the 11/12. Anyone have spaces for 3 guys from the UK. Happy to pay/ donate
  13. meatface

    meatface In the Starting Line-Up

    anyone going to todays game?

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