T.O. or Moss

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    From the beginning, even before this year started, I always thought Moss had more talent than T.O. Moss seems more agile, makes everything look easy. T.O. might be a bit stronger but he doesn't have the agility of Moss. Moss is just flying through the air. He is an amazing talent - thank GOD we have him and need to keep him with Brady for a long long time.
  2. Keegs

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    T.O. isn't as talented.

    And he drops the ball more.

    If they are both playing their best, it isn't even close.
  3. Fixit

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    Seconded big time.
  4. ironwasp

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    Moss for me, too.

    What's interesting this season is that both these guys are settled, happy and it's coming off well for their teams. TO's looked pretty formidable this also, and we've heard barely a chirp from him.
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    Neither one gets the credit they deserve for the mental aspect of the game. Both are very good at reading the defenses. Both know how to get open against any coverage. And both have worked hard to become very good route runners.

    Moss has better hands, is much faster, taller, and explosive, and is the better athlete which allows him to make some plays that Owens simply can't. Owens appears to be the more "look at me" kind of showboat, but he's managed to stay out of legal trouble, which Moss can't say.
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    I think they are both in the right place.

    BB wouldn't be up for TO's attitude for one.

    TO does most of his damage over the middle we have that covered with Watson and Welker. Moss is a greater threat than TO on the outside.

    Romo and TO seem to have great chemistry and he's the first option most plays.

    Moss is just fitting in and when he's doubled Brady distributes which takes the double off of Moss and then they hit a big one. Again the chemistry seems great.

    Pretty happy we have Moss, I'm sure Cowboys fans are pleased with TO right now.
  7. BWareofDWare

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    For as loud mouth as he can be, Owens will go over the middle fearlessly, he's the best blocking receiver in the league behind Hines Ward, and he isn't going to wind up in the Commissioner's office or the court room for his off the field antics. If you just need a guy to run and catch the ball I'd go with Moss, if you're looking for a guy to rely on to do everything playing the receiver position requires as far as blocking and ability to make something happen as far as YAC, I'm going with Terrell.
  8. FlyingElvis75

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    Oh man. T.O. isn't as good. And his attitude has always been way worse than Moss', in my opinion. It seems like it's always been "me first"...not exactly what you want on a Belichick team.

    T.O. had an attitude problem on an NFC Championship team. Imagine what he would be like with the Raiders?
  9. Keegs

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    T.O. has his fair share of issues tho..... (directed at those you pointing out legal problems for moss)

    T.O. tried to kill himself last year, and fortunately, he failed.
  10. tuckeverlasting

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    no, t.o. will just end up in the emergency room, getting his stomach pumped for "accidentally" taking an overdose of pain pills. give me moss.
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  11. mtbykr

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    T.O. is better after the catch..........but that's where the comparison should end. Moss is better:

    -running routes (who thought we would be saying that)
    -more athletic
    -much better hands (T.O. drops it if it's not on the numbers)

    It's not even a fair comparison in my mind...besides Rodney said he wouldn't want TO on the pats.
  12. NE_PATS_FAN_54

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    when both playing at their best, i'll take moss. when moss is playing at his best, there is no better wr in the league. in the past years, i would have taken owens just because i think owens gives you his best every single year. moss hasnt given 100% every year. sure owens has a huge mouth but he performs on the field. he tries his best every play. so based on a career, i'll take owens. the main decieding factor is how much heart he showed in the eagles-pats super bowl. came back when he wasnt full strength and played an incredible game. but this season, i'll take moss
  13. BrianPat

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    I agree, Moss just wants to play on a good team and have fun. TO wants to be seen and wants everyone to acknowledge how good he is. He's an attention whore and when he dosen't get the attention, he goes weirdo. Like taking the pills to kill himself, more like to get attention. Terry Glenn is due back midseason, when he comes back and assumes the #1 role, TO will hang himself !!

    NENGFAN On the Game Day Roster

    Sounds like the $6Million dollar man - stronger, faster, ....

    But you are right - he is all these great attributes and the combo of Brady and Moss is lethal. I think the biggest addition Moss brings to the PATS is his deep threat that Brady never really had. This has also showcased Brady's talent as well. The guy had "average receivers" and knew what to do and how to win with them (which is why he never had as gaudy stats as Manning) but now he has some exceptional receivers and knows what to do with them. Look at all his stats now. He is the consummate QB. We sure are lucky to have him on our side.
  15. primetime

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    Moss is much faster and more athletic. TO is a tough SOB (playing hurt in the playoffs with the Eagles) and a far better blocker than Moss, but his character issues are worse (imploding a Super Bowl runner-up, for instance, and the overdose episode).

    I'd rather have Moss because he catches everything and is ridiculously athletic. He's more fun to watch. TO's great too, but I'd be more concerned with his attitude than Moss's.
  16. Real World

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    Moss has more talent, but TO has more heart. For as much as I dislike both, I have to say that TO gives his all on the field. Moss admittedly plays when he wants to. Owens' performance in the SB against the Pats was impressive.
  17. patsox23

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    Moss is a bit of a man-child who can be a pain in the neck but isn't necessarily a bad person. He's somewhere between Manny and T.O.

    T.O. is kind of a man-child, too, but in a d!cky, psycho sort of way. I would hate to have him on the Pats. He's one of the only players I'd say that about. He's NUTS. Randy's simply immature.
  18. sebman2112

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    Yup, I like me some Randy Moss. I'll take him over TO any day and for a number of reasons.

    I don't know about anybody else but ever since Moss started in his first game for NE I've been thinking of that song "Pull a Randy Moss......pull a Randy Moss!" Anyone else have that song stuck in their head?
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  19. sebman2112

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    I don't know if you've watched much of the Patriots first three games but Moss has been going over the middle, run blocking (probably not great but he's doing it), and lining up in the slot. Randy's been doing some stuff with NE that I can't remember seeing him do for a long time. He also seems to be getting along really well with the coaches and other players.
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  20. RyanTheColtsFan

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    But if im answering the question it's Moss no doubt.

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