T.O. is the #2 option on dallas

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    In my opinion T.O. is the second option on dallas, Jason witten is the first, T.O. should be the no.#1 option and he's not. Now witten is a good player but T.O. is a future HOF who should be the focal point of the offense but I think the playcalling and romo are the two main reasons he's not.

    The offense just tells him to go out there and get open but defenses are too good, you have to have specific plays for your playmaker to get him open, they never send him on deep or drag routes, everything is intermediate. Deep crossing routes are the best ways to get him open but they don't run them much. People have said he is not the same player he was but I disagree.

    If you put T.O. on the pats his stats would go up and he would be called the best receiver in the NFL. I guarantee, brady can do that for you. If T.O. had a great quarterback getting him the ball he would be doing this. http://www.nfluk.com/features-nflicons-video.php?IconId=5 This is the T.O. that was dominating. just click link and press play.
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    We all knew that. Look how many yards Brady gave freakin Reche Caldwell! lol. I agree with you though, if you can give someone a good gameplan they can do much better.

    The raiders are complaining Moss had no reason he shouldn't try, but I am sure the raiders gameplan was this -

    Defense - Go tackle the guy
    Offense - run the ball, just run with it, we don't care where. Passing the ball- wait for the WR to get open, then pass it to them.

    "Oh my goodness, this gameplan is five times better than what we had last year! We should roll over a team or two!"

    And that is my guess as to why moss didn't want to play for the raiders.

    But the most important thing for the Cowboys is to keep TO happy. Because than his playing level sky rockets. If they would just use him better...
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