T.O. interview *on 2 point conversion, pats, moss*

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    I was listening to a radio interview, I don't know the station but they interviewed T.O. today and this is some of what he said, you probably won't hear about it on Espn because he didn't guarantee a victory.

    Host: The two point conversion last night, what happened because it looked like you dropped it.

    TO: Well the ball was underthrown and I tried to adjust to it in mid air...I caught it at my stomach and the guy's helmet was there and he made a great play.

    Host: How do you feel about certain people in the media who criticized you for dropping a couple of passes against the bills?

    TO: It doesn't bother me, I'm still gonna go out on the field and make plays. So the media can say whatever they want about me, it doesn't bother me, I'm confident in my abilities and I know what I can do when it comes to the game of football.

    Host: What do you think about facing the patriots?

    T.O.: Well they're a great team obviously and they're 5-0 like us. We just have to stay focused and be ready to play.

    Host: What do you think about randy moss and the year he's having?

    TO: He's playing well, he's with a new team and he's being a playmaker for them.

    Host: Who's better, you or randy?

    TO: It's not about who's better it's about going out there and making plays. We're both gamechangers, we both require a safety over the top because with 1 play we can change the game.

    Host: So you don't think he's better than you?

    TO: Nice try (laughs)

    Host: I'm just saying, you two have been compared your whole career and I want to know how you feel about him?

    TO: As I've said he's a great player, I've never taken anything away from him. We're both competitive and we do whatever it takes to help our team win.

    Host: Who wins on sunday?

    TO: Tune in. Get your popcorn ready because it's gonna be a great show
  2. Mike the Brit

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    Maybe TO is learning how to handle the media. Good luck to him.
  3. marty

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    I think they've finnaly figured out the right meds for TO!
  4. sieglo

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    Love how he throws Romo under the bus by saying the ball he dropped was underthrown. Think Randy would do that to Tom? :D
  5. NYCPatsFan

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    In an interview like this one where the questions and answers are quick and brief, I doubt if TO intended to throw Romo under the bus intentionally. But I agree the suggestion that Randy might reply differently. Will that be because Tommy has three rings and Romo has none? :rolleyes:
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    Fleabassist1: You heard this on the radio (meaning - going pretty quick) yet you where able to type it up like that? (Laughs)
    Fleabassist1: Something sounds fishy...
  7. Grizzafted

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    Romo underthrew ball after ball after ball to TO. I'm surprised and proud of him that he hasn't gotten more upset about it, actually. Romo looked like sh*t all night, it wasn't just the interceptions. He's got a good eye for the open man in the flat and he throws a good crossing route ball, but beyond that he's wildly inaccurate. This could be a 20 point blowout for the Pats.

    That last pass with 20 seconds left that TO "dropped" was Wayyyy underthrown. And he was Wide. Open. If that ball is on target there's no need for the Folk heroics.

    If he has anywhere close to that kind of game against New England it's going to be over by halftime.
  8. juice245

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    Actually I posted it yesterday on the espn message boards and sohh.com. The reason I didn't post it on here yesterday was because I had forgot my password and it was really late so I just waited until today to change my password and post it. The radio interview was done tuesday in the afternoon.
  9. boys4life01

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    I really didnt think he threw Romo under the bus. Your reaction is just one of many who listen to TO talk to the media,, disect his responses,, try to find something to critisize him about. The ball was thrown low on that fade route. The play calls for the QB to put the ball high to utilizle TOs height advantage. When TO jumped the ball hit him in the stomach,, not a terrible pass but was a little under thrown. If the defender would have got turned around more than likely the pass is picked off. TO even said the defender made a great play,,,not that he was interfered with,, or some excuse to let him off the hook. Moss has done much worse to other QB's he is not going to do it to Brady because lets face it,, Moss is just icing on the cake in New England, its not like Brady was having losing seasons before Moss got there,, Moss wants a Ring and he knows he is on the team that gives him the best opportunity for that.

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