Swedish Patriot fan in Saudi-Arabia!

Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Pogodi, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Pogodi

    Pogodi Rookie

    Hi guys!

    I'm new to the forum, actually new to the sport.
    Noobs rule!

    Been a huge football ("soccer") fan all my life, remember watching "American Football"/"Throwball" in the early 90s when the Cowgirls ruled and said to myself: "Damn, that looks like a great sport"!

    Sadly the only games they showed on TV in Sweden those days were the Super Bowls.

    Now, some 20 years later, I've come realize what a amazing sport this is, and I am kind of addicted to it now. Browsing sites 24/7, watching every show I can download and obviously the games.

    I live in Saudi Arabia, so I have to download the games and watch them on Monday evening (unless Pats are on MNF).

    Obviously a huge #12 fan, and miss Moss like crazy, especially when Mr. Butterfinger Ocho dropped that pass against the Bills. Welker ran those 99 yards into my heart and Wilfork is the man.

    I'm still learning the game, still struggling to understand the actual difference between Cover1/2/3 and the screen play and the benefits of 3-4 vs 4-3 and so on. So I'm here to learn and exchange views.

    It would be wicked to find another Pat fan in Saudi-Arabia, but good luck... :(

    Anyhow, go Pats! :rocker:
  2. Sparetire

    Sparetire Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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  3. Daigle

    Daigle Practice Squad Player

    Welcome mate. Or as we swedes say: "Välkommen"

    Know what its like to start from scratch watching football so feel free to pm me and maybe I can fill in some blanks for you.
  4. Pogodi

    Pogodi Rookie

    Thanks guys!!

    Don't know if anyone can help me out, but I'm about to order my first pats jersey, they're expensive as hell! Do you know of any good online stores?

    Also, what's a good size for me (180cm/5'11 - 100kg/220 pounds)
  5. NinjaZX6R

    NinjaZX6R In the Starting Line-Up

    I lived in Iraq for a year. I feel you. It's so damn HOT over there. Summer temps go to at least 45-55C /120-140F.

    Get XL. It will be baggy but not that baggy.
  6. Pogodi

    Pogodi Rookie

    Hehehe, I feel you. But after living 25 years in Sweden, I've had my fair share of snow :)

    I'm torn between the Large and XL... Whatever I get will be the wrong pick, the large will probably end up too tight, and the XL might make me look like I'm trying to push the Yo-Yo look a bit too hard ("not that it's anything wrong with that"). ;)

    Daaaag, donno what I'm gonna do...
  7. NinjaZX6R

    NinjaZX6R In the Starting Line-Up

    Large shouldn't be tight or anything. Jersey sizes are always bigger than the tag "L or XL or XXL etc".

    Btw, I rather live in Sweden than SA. Lol. All the beautiful blonde hot Swedish chicks compared to nothing in SA cause you can't see them. What were you thinking lol. Jk.
  8. Pogodi

    Pogodi Rookie


    Blonde hot Swedish chicks, don't believe the hype.
    Saudi chicks look like Brazilians, and are are chaste as catholic chicks... And covered up, long gone.

    No taxes (at all), living expenses cheap as hell (gas $0.16/liter = $0.60/gallon), California weather, + they adore westerners (no westerners earns less than $50000/year). Compare that to the recession back home. It's like picking Brady in the 6th draft round ;)

    BTW, I think I'll go with the Large :)
  9. Husse

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    Good to see another Swede. Although you are a world away. :p
  10. Tom + Bill

    Tom + Bill Practice Squad Player

    I am from Guam there are a lot of pats fans there. I love america now.
  11. Shed83

    Shed83 On the Game Day Roster

    I hope none of you friendly Swedes support IFK Gothenburg?

    Welcome to the Messageboard Pogodi
  12. Pogodi

    Pogodi Rookie

    Hehe, naaaah!

    It's all about the east coast bro. ;)

    Thanks "Shed83" :)

    BTW I have a question:
    Isn't the 3-4 more of 5-2? I mean teams that play with four linebackers tend to send their OLBs to rush the QB, so aren't they more of DTs than OLB? Or is it because they do zone coverage once in a while too?

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