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    CLASSIC :D :rocker: Ready for somemore supply side?

    Supply Side economic philosophy is geared toward the benefit of corporations even small buisnesses,and reducing the rights of the worker.
    DO the below terms and concepts sound familier?

    Increasing economic GROWTH by making markets work more efficiently. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher championed supply-side policies as they attacked KEYNESIAN DEMAND management. Pumping up demand without making markets work better would simply lead to higher INFLATION; economic growth would increase only when markets were able to operate more freely. Thus they pursued policies of DEREGULATION, LIBERALISATION and PRIVATISATION and encouraged FREE TRADE. To reduce UNEMPLOYMENT, they tried to increase the EFFICIENCY of the jobs market by cutting the rate of INCOME TAX and attacking legal and other impediments to LABOUR MARKET FLEXIBILITY. The results of these programmes are much debated. In particular, the belief, apparently supported by the LAFFER CURVE, that cutting tax rates would increase tax revenue did not always stand up well to real-world testing

    Note some of the terms used like:

    PRIVATISATION of everything from prisions to KBR's electric showers to poor quality food and water.

    LABOUR MARKET FLEXIBILITY flexible LABOUR market is one in which it is easy and inexpensive for FIRMS to vary the amount of labour they use, including by changing the hours worked by each employee and by changing the number of employees. This often means minimal REGULATION of the terms of employment (no MINIMUM WAGE, say) and weak (or no) trade UNIONS. Such flexibility is characterised by its opponents as giving firms all the power, allowing them to fire employees at a moment’s notice and leaving workers feeling insecure.

    Attacking legal and other legal impediments Making it harder for the worker to sue the company for discrimination, injury on the job, Hazardes work inviorments.
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