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    Based on a quick check of, Jeff Reed, Adam V. (3 times), Martin Gramatica, Matt Stover, Jeff Wilkins and Jason Elam (twice) are the only active players who have kicked for a championship team. In addition. Gramatica has five game-winning field goals on his resume (obviously, no snow bowl kicks though). So the Pats have signed a kicker that has had, at least, some success in the past performing under pressure.

    IMO BB and SP have had to factor in that whoever kicks for the Pats this year faces not only the pressure of making a potential end-of-the-game kick, but also faces the ghost of Made Kicks Past. Double pressure - double jeopardy. That's a lot to put on anyone, let alone a rookie. I think Gramatica probably makes the team and if he fails, then BB makes the switch to a younger kicker midseason. It may be easier to replace the person who replaces the legend, than replacing the legend in the first place. I think this is a SMART signing.

    And Tebucky as a potential gunner is a no-lose signing too...
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