Stupid, but I love to see this against the JETS...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Born_a_Patriot, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Born_a_Patriot

    Born_a_Patriot Supporter Supporter

    1. We get the ball to start the game
    2. Drive 90 yards in 12 minutes to score a touch down
    3. Jets go 3 and Out and punt
    4. Ellis returns the ball half a yard from the Goal Line and voluntarily steps out of bounds
    5. Our offense takes over and kneels down until we turn the ball on downs.
    6. Jets get the ball and go 3 and Out Punt
    7. Drive 85 yards in 12 minutes kneel down until we turn the ball on downs.
    8. Jets get the ball and go 3 and Out Punt
    Repeat until the game ends with the score 7-0
    The Ultimate *Bit[h Slap*
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  2. Danish PATS Fan

    Danish PATS Fan On the Roster

    7 - 0 endscore ?? hmm sounds real BOOOOOOORING as Homer would have said it :D
  3. Pats Fanatic

    Pats Fanatic Supporter Supporter

    #54 Jersey

    I stick with my love of 77 - 0.
  4. reflexblue

    reflexblue Supporter Supporter

    #91 Jersey

    I'm sticking to my 73-3 score,or one point higher than the NFL record for points scored in a game.What ever that is.
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  5. Born_a_Patriot

    Born_a_Patriot Supporter Supporter

    They are expecting to get blown out.

    Could you see their faces when we are kneeling the ball after we are up just 7 points...
  6. Tunescribe

    Tunescribe Supporter Supporter

    #61 Jersey

    The Bears hold the record of most points scored, a 73-0 playoff win against the Redskins back in the 1930s or '40s. That was when George Halas unveiled the T formation.
  7. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Stupid idea! Don't quit your day job.
  8. Pats Fanatic

    Pats Fanatic Supporter Supporter

    #54 Jersey

    That was the 1940 Championship game against the Redskins. What is funny about that game the reason they Bears piled it on so badly was the Redskins owner. The Redskins had defeated Chicago 7-3 three week earlier but Redskins owner George Preston Marshall (the biggest bigot in sports history) stated that the Bears were whiners and quitters. Yes revenge has always been a driving force in the NFL including the 2007 Patriots.
  9. Hollywood_Brady

    Hollywood_Brady On the Game Day Roster

    after a td , always go for a 2-point conversion... then an on-side kick and get the ball back.... do this everytime... that would be fun... kick em in the balls baby...
  10. pwes

    pwes In the Starting Line-Up

    Disable Jersey

    Thane watch them score ten and we lose the game. Thank god you are not the coach, sheesh
  11. Born_a_Patriot

    Born_a_Patriot Supporter Supporter

    You did read the premise of my post
    ........ Have fun
  12. Satchboogie3

    Satchboogie3 In the Starting Line-Up

    I like the idea of scoring a TD on every possession... then kicking an on-side kick, recovering it, and repeating the process. 120-0 would be nice.
  13. DaBruinz

    DaBruinz Pats, B's, Sox Supporter

    #50 Jersey

    I want the Pats to go 11 for 11 on possessions while shutting the Jets out.

    I think that would be sweet.
  14. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

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    Eh, why stop there? Why not try and break the all-time gridiron football record, 222-0?
  15. Mike the Brit

    Mike the Brit Minuteman Target Supporter

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    Actually, this was what Mike Lynch "predicted" on Patriots All Access -- but he had it at 3-0 (just a field goal).
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