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  1. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    Were are the Patriots of old? They were never here to begin with, Legends are just that, legends and un true. Probably many remember the struggles for the 1st Lombardi. I am no one to talk of this subject, we are novices.
    But gleaming ponies and perfect games were we post 50 pts on any NFL team, I don't get. Only one team went undefended.
    And we all get humiliated. We were by Dallas and the Bucs, it happens, matters what you do with it. Im sure you know this better than we.

    Just don't let it happen again. We believe in you in New Orleans. We are expecting a Patriots VS Saints Super Bowl.

    We will lose also, but our commitment to meet is unchanged. Take your punches from the Jets fans, you deserve them, and move on.
    Pretty soon we may be taking the same , well deserved, attacks from the 49ers, if they have the balls.

    really dosnt matter, if BB can get a rookie squad to the playoffs last year you almost a sure win, but remember the wins and loses that got you there, and remember how hard it was to get you here in the first place.

    you can beat us, but you have to get to Dallas to prove that.

  2. bobpick68

    bobpick68 Rookie

    I looked and looked for an online translation engine to help me figure out what you typed but no dice.

    Listen, it was proven over 40 years ago that LSD is bad.:eek:
  3. TB=TD

    TB=TD Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Thank you Saint fan.
  4. letekro

    letekro In the Starting Line-Up

    Wow, they really know how to party in NOLA.
  5. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    Struggles=3rd person singular present, plural of strug·gle
    Noun: A forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or resist attack.
    Verb: Make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction

    and there is nothing wrong with Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD:)
  6. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    It's one game - a loss on the road to a team that was good enough to be in the playoffs last year. Two weeks, two games against playoff teams; is 1-1 at this point not an unreasonable expectation?
  7. IcyPatriot

    IcyPatriot ------------- Supporter

    #24 Jersey

    We're going to lose between 4 and 6 games or so this year.

    Not all the losses will be from losing to good teams either.

    I agree with your premise ... every year Ifeel if we are 6-2 or even 5-3 at the 8 game mark then we are doing well. belichick never comes out guns blazing ... he works and tweaks with the plan usually to week 6-8 and then the team pretty much shows it's hand by then.

    I think we could start off better but that almost always has the price of no $$$ deposited in the future games yet to be played. I still think we win the division this year. i think the secondary gets better and the passing game has room also to improve. i don't think we get a pass rush .. we'll have to learn to play without that as a strong suit.
  8. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    Hearing a lot of arrogance from Nola lately, and from the media. Stuff like "Never bet against Payton and Brees in a big game." As I recall, they've made the playoffs 2 out of 4 years. 38-26 record (by the way, the Pats are 49-15 since then in a tougher conference and division.) Four playoff wins. Anyway, let's see the how the Saints defend their title before throwing out the superlatives.
  9. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    agreed bad post, maybe we are arrogant. I was trying to post a message to the Pats of hope, and I so failed. I guess we all mess up sometimes.
    I knew how much that game ment to the Pats fans. I missed the mark. Its my fault, and never should have posted, apologize for that.
  10. CheeseMonkeys

    CheeseMonkeys 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #11 Jersey

    You alright brah?
  11. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    Ya, im cool CheeseMonkeys, thanks. I just made a mistake. Thank you.
  12. Interception

    Interception Practice Squad Player

    #95 Jersey

    I don't see where this hate is coming from. Thanks for that post.
    See you in Dallas, hopefully we'll both make it but there's a long road ahead. Good luck.
  13. TB=TD

    TB=TD Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Some PMS after that loss.
  14. D-cleater

    D-cleater Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Good thoughts, Saints fan. There isn't an NFC team I would rather see succeed than the Saints.

    The only thing your franchise is missing at this point is a good rival. For me, there is no professional sports team I despise more than the Jets, so this game was like a playoff game in september.
  15. pherein

    pherein In the Starting Line-Up

    For us it is you. The same mold we came from. We want you. and there will never be a better SB for us than N.E. vs N.O.
  16. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    Meh, don't worry about it. I was just ultra-sensitive after that loss yesterday. Nice win for the Saints tonight... I'm happy for the all the fans in New Orleans, as they've suffered through so much and deserve a great team. The thing about being on top is everyone likes you until they suddenly hate you. People point to Spygate as the turning point for the Pats, but it wasn't. I remember that in 2006 there was pure spewing hatred for the Pats from every fan base in the NFL, and Spygate just fed the flames. Anyway, the Saints are a pretty like-able team and play in another conference. I've always admired Drew Brees. I do hope the Saints make it back to the SB and beat any team other than the Pats, as I'd surely be rooting hard against any rival.
  17. HomelandDef

    HomelandDef Rookie

    Patriots -13 against the Bills. That's a big number, I believe the same as the Packers-Bills line from Sunday? Remember, we still have one of the top contenders in the NFL. At least we're not Bills fans.
  18. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Ice_Ice_Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    How much money should I put on the Bills? I'm not that down on the Pats right now, I just think this spread is ridiculous. Pats were in the panic zone against them twice last season. Fitzpatrick is an upgrade over Edwards. Pats will win, but 13 IS a huge number.
  19. buile

    buile Supporter Supporter

    No Jersey Selected

    Pherein, thanks for the post. Seeing highlights of the Saints beating Indy in the Super Bowl again last night was a bright spot!
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