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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. mgteich

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    Let us presume that we are not willing to pay what Mankins wants for an extension and that he plays for us as an RFA in 2010. This is no sure thing. He expected to be a free agent this year, and could hold out. Let us also presume that Neal is retiring. He shouldn't be counted on to play a full season in any case.
    So we need TWO starting guards. At least one must be ready to start in 2010.
    OPTION 1
    Draft one OG and expect him to compete with Kaczur and Ohrnberger and Connolly for the starting position, and then draft another OG in 2011 and expect him to start a LG.
    OPTION 2
    Draft two top OG's now, increasing the probability of finding an immediate starter.
    OPTION 3
    Go to the free agent market for an OG.
  2. Patsaholic

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    I suggest only drafting one. I think Kaczur could make a good transition to Neals spot, because of the similar sizes most of our OL have to each other and Kaczur would not be taken advantage of by DEs on the inside. Also between Light, Vollmer, Mankins, Koppen, Kaczur we have locked down and LeVoir, Orhnberger, Wendell, and Connelly we seem to already have a pretty full stable.
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  3. Jimke

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    We have a full stable but how good are LeVoir, Orhnberger, Wendell,
    and Connelly? Would you trust them blocking for Tom Brady?
  4. sg14

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    Whilst reading this , i couldn't help thinking about the drafting of Ornhburger, since we made a big effort for a G that never saw the field.

    It's ironic that Scarnechia finds an absolute gem in Vollmer, but then we we go out of our way to pick another player scouted by Scar we get a guy that can't get on the field.

    It lends more credence to the non-science aspect of drafting.

    Wish I knew why the O hasn't seen the field.
    He does not appear to be physically impressive, drafted for his smarts to replace Hochstein, ala multiple roles as a back-up??

    Am also interested in Bussey, His college coach thought he was all the player C Eric Woods was. Any reports on Bussey?
    Anybody know how Woods did before getting IR'd?

    I don't have many facts, but seems other teams are able to build part of their OL's from low round picks, the highest draft postion for the G-C-G for New Orleans is a 5th rounder.
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  5. Warren94

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    Mike Johnson, Alabama. can come in and take over for Neal at RG.
  6. mayoclinic

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    Right now I see 4-5 guys capable of starting day 1 at OG: Mike Iupati, Vlad Ducasse, Gabe Carimi (not yet declared), Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Johnson. That's a much better bunch than was available last year.

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