Stimulus Thinking, and Nuance

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by patsfan13, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Interesting article from the NYT of all sources, even they get it right once in awhile. The author makes the point that the dem obama economic take the same approach as the NAtional Socialist did in Germany in the 30's. Of course there are differences Obama will slash defense spending for example.

    Now before anyone's head explodes... not one that obama is planning to set up camps for white evangelical christians, just that the economic and stimulus appraoch are the same.

    The New York Times > Log In

    A brief excerpt, please the whole article.

    IMO the basic premise is correct, the economic approach of the obama is that of the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany in the 1930's.

    Here is another article from 1997. It comments on 2 books 1 in 1944 by Ludwig von Mises: Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War, the other written in 1939 called: The Vampire Economy: Doing Business Under Fascism
    by Guenter Reimann. Again if you focus on the economics the approach used by the National Socialist sound just like what the current administration is trying to do with private business (think GM and the banks for starters), power under the guise of addressing a 'crisis'.

    National Socialism - Ralph Reiland - Mises Institute

    Off to CSPAN to see another businessman being grilled by B Frank and regulated by Geitner....
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    building a war machine like WW2 germany is good for business.......

    so when's WW3????
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    #12 Jersey

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