Stevan Ridley Is The Player To Watch, Patriots - Jets

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    Stevan Ridley Is The Player To Watch, Patriots - Jets
    By: Steve Balestrieri

    he is the team's main weapon in the rushing game rushing for 1263 yards and a 4.4 yard per carry average in 2012...

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    If Ridley holds onto the damn ball, he's one of the better RB's in the AFC. His biggest problem is that, once he gets through the hole, he stops holding the ball high and tight. He drops his arm which makes it easier for a defender getting a well-placed hit or an arm on it to knock the ball out.
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    the jets d-line is our strength ... and as last week the focus was on stopping martin, with all your injuries i'm sure stopping ridley's runs will be this weeks.

    i see he only had 6 receptions last season ... do you guys feel that is just because you all had too many weapons with the TE's & WR's that there was no need for any dumpoff's to the rb? or is there some improvement needed in his catching skills?

    the reason i ask this is if our defensive front plays as well tonight as they did on sunday i would expect bubble screens - dump off throws to be more effective than a designed running play.

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    The NYJ will load up the "Eight in the Box" and dare Brady to throw. It should fall right into the Patriots' hands because Brady will shred the NYJ with Amendola...wait, he's hurt...ok, with Gronkowski...wait, he won't be back any time soon....ok, ok, he'll slice and dice with Welker...wait, Krafty cheaped out on him....ok, so he'll attack the NYJ with that skilled band of rookie receivers...wait, they farking sucked last week against a secondary missing their top two players....

    Gon' be a long rainy night in Foxboro tonight...shizat with the offense gon' get worse fo' it gets better....

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