Steelers or Ravens?

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Rooting for.....

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  1. Steelers

  2. Ravens

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  1. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Who are you rooting for?

    I have decided to root for the Steelers.

    I was on the fence for a while...but the most recent lovefest of win one for the career felon, has tip the scale to root against the team that has safety that got away with murder and for the serial rapist.

    Ravens Rally Around Reed, Brother Baltimore Ravens Blogs
  2. lostjumper

    lostjumper Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Voting for the Steelers. In don't want anything to do with the Ravens now that Ray Rice is starting to run well again. I hope and expect it to be a brutal, hard hitting game where the winner leaves battered and bruised.
  3. resdubwhite

    resdubwhite In the Starting Line-Up

    No Jersey Selected

    I'll wait until the Jets game is over before I worry about the next opponent.
  4. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    If the Pats beat the Jets, I want the Steelers.

    If the Pats lose, I want the Ravens.

    Would rather see the Ravens win a Super Bowl than the Steelers claim another Lombardi.
  5. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Regardless of which team, I hope they beat the crap out of each other in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.
  6. Simkin

    Simkin Banned

    Jets first
  7. patsox23

    patsox23 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Ditto this.
  8. Kid~Brady

    Kid~Brady In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    Really he hasnt been running like he did last year. They beat Kansas with screens and check downs to Rice.
  9. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

    #3 Jersey

    As Tom Brady asked ever so eloquently, "Can both teams lose?"
  10. BradyManny

    BradyManny Pro Bowl Player

    Tough to call.

    Both teams are a bunch of scumbags. Big Ben's a lowlife. Ray Lewis is an accessory to murder. Hard to pick one team to root for.

    In terms of who I would rather play - I'm taking it one week at a time. Ultimately, I think folks are underestimating the Steelers. If we beat the NYJ, we will have a tough game the next week either way.

    And I agree w/ the logic that I don't want Pittsburgh to get a 7th ring, and Ben to get a 3rd. In that sense, I want to see them lose.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    All I'm rooting for is overtime and the most physical game it can be. Everything short of rooting for injuries.

    I'm really looking forward to this game as always from a fan perspective.
  12. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Problem with this approach is the Raven-Steelers game is on Sat, Patriots-Jets on Sunday.

    If I am not rooting for one team or the other, the game isn't that much fun to watch.
  13. nabwong

    nabwong Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Ravens, I don't want Rapistberger to come within a shot of a 3rd superbowl.
  14. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    If your not scared of the Ravens then you have to be nuts. The more I watch them play I get a bad feeling about the Patriots facing them IF they get past the Jets. I can see the Ravens winning the whole thing.
  15. The Brandon Five

    The Brandon Five Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #75 Jersey

    Where's the option for "Asteroid"?
  16. dex13

    dex13 On the Game Day Roster

    Think the Steelers would be the easier opponent than the Ravens for the Pats but I would love the Pats to take out the Ravens so I don't really care in the end.

    In the very unlikely event that the Pats lose, I'm going to become an NFC fan.
  17. wistahpatsfan

    wistahpatsfan Pro Bowl Player

    #75 Jersey

    Why? Because they beat the freaking Chiefs? Or because of Suggs scary warpaint or Ray's on-camera theatrics?

    Yeah, they're good, but Ravens fans I know (all three of them) are very worried about both the Steelers and Pats. Steelers will be a very tough game for Balt. Our D vs. their O is a way better match and the new O is nothing like last year's.

    I don't get the "fear" of any other team. I only get the fear of other teams when they come to Foxboro. Is there any way we can play both?
  18. Haterproof

    Haterproof Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    They just beat the F*ckin Chiefs. That game was so predictable IMO. They won't have that kind of success next week. Even if they do win, I don't see them winning nada. That game on Saturday is going to be a bloodbath.
  19. WhiZa

    WhiZa Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    I can see why you'd not want to root for the Ravens, but wouldn't you rather beat them than beat the Steelers?
  20. Warren1985

    Warren1985 On the Game Day Roster

    I want the Ravens, They want us so i want them.
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