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    It's highly unlikely that any team will swing a trade for receiver Deion Branch by September 1, since any potential suitor would have to work out a contract with the player and a compensation package with his current team during the same week in which the rosters are cut initially to 75 and then, on September 3, to 53.

    Neverthless, a league source tells us that the Pittsburgh Steelers previously have had internal discussions regarding the possibility of trading for Branch.

    The source tells us, however, that a trade is a long shot, given the tight time frame in which everything would have to come together.

    The team's interest in Branch indicates that the Steelers aren't completely happy with a receiving corps that features a hamstring-challenged Hines Ward, Cedrick Wilson, Quincy Morgan, and rookies Santurdio and Willie Reid. The Steelers have lost two starting receivers in each of the past two years to free agency -- Plaxico Burress to the Giants, and Antwaan Randle El to the Redskins.

  2. SoonerPatriot

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    I wonder if BB would go for it should they inquire. It would seem foolish to strengthen a team that will in all probability be one of several trying to win the AFC title. Seems as though an NFC team, preferably one that isn't any good, would be a better trading partner.
  3. smg93

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    branch for polamalu
  4. Patti37

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    Now that is a trade I would be interested in seeing done.
  5. italian pat patriot

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    Branch for Polamalu ?

    y e s !
  6. DB15

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    I dont know if that deal would get done, he (troy) is far more valueable then any receiver
  7. F0nSY

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    I Like :D :D
  8. drew4008

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    You're out of your mind, Polamalu isn't going anywhere. How about Holmes and a 3rd rounder? He's had some off-field concerns, but was just as good a prospect as Jackson. Maybe BB could mold him if the Steelers have given up on him already. Or we could go for an ILB like Foote, or even a CB, Ike Taylor is in his contract year as well.
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  9. sarge

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    Anyone know what Hines ward salary is? Not for trade, just wondering what his salary is compared to what Branch is asking.

    As far as I am concerned, NO AFC TEAMS!
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  10. PatsFanInVa

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    You're lucky if you can prevent a guy from going within the division.

    The one-week period makes it look like the whole idea is some kind of ruse. I don't get it. It's not like you can't make this "by Sept. 1" rule on Aug. 1.

    But taking it on face value, that Deion truly wants a trade, and the Pats would truly not mind losing him a year early: how come the guy is borderline rubbish while we're negotiating, and suddenly he's 24-carat gold when we're trying to trade him? Of COURSE you'd like to see him traded for Palomalu. Palomalu is good (and has excellent hair.) Whoever mentioned BB should bring in Santonio Holmes to "mold"... Oh GOD, I hope not.

    Truth is BB doesn't mold so much as select. If a guy has enough sense to do it the Patriots way, he might stay. If he doesn't, you don't waste time "molding." Parcells is the "molding" guy... or was, until TO came to town.


  11. tdw777

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    I would agree that Branch would be worth Hines Ward money.

    Branch for Polamalu??...we would all take that trade in a NY minute but we also know that is not going to happen. That would be like us trading Richard Seymour for Hines Ward.

    However; can you imagine....even for a moment... a healthy Harrison and Polumalu in the same secondary?
  12. Murphys95

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    If Branch took the deal the Patriots offered in May - Branch and Ward would be tied for 13th in average salary from 2007-2009.
  13. F0nSY

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    I think that if Branch march. Steelers would give to a CB and an election us in the Draft
  14. smg93

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    Yeah, wasn't really serious about that post but since everything is so fluid right now can't we all just step back and dream about a scenario like this just for a little while? ;)
  15. MrBigglesWorth

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    Two rookie wr's? That is crazy. Double the opportunity for wrong routes being run. Plus he's high maintenance.
  16. PatsFan37

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    The Steelers may simply be trying to drive up Deion's cost. It's all good for them: if Deion makes it to free agency, they'll have done Chayut a favor and that will be remembered. If Deion stays with the Pats, they'll have cost the Pats some money.

    Only downside is pissing off the Pats FO. So what?
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  17. drew4008

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    Would you rather have Morgan or Wilson.... umm, no. And we'd have to give up half our team to get Polamalu, that's beyond wishful thinking.
  18. CrazyDave

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    Palomalu is overrated. Seriously.
    But he does indeed have cool hair.
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  19. TomBradyWoot

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    Deion Branch to the Steelers over Bill Belichick's dead body. Not gonna happen.
  20. drew4008

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    How so? With Rodney possibly hindered by injury, he's the best safety in the game. Ed Reed makes as many mistakes as good plays, Dawkins is getting older... etc., etc.

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