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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by osnwafan, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Hello ,all,my name is osnwafan and I'm a Steelers fan,too.

    I came here specifically because some tool named Rodney came over to our board and acted the part of an asshat.

    to wit,these are his exact words

    What a fine person and fine way to represent your football team!!

    I could point out how stupid and ignorant his post was,but hopefully you folks can read for yourselves how this moronic tirade of his makes Pats fans look.

    We have some Pats fans on our message board,one of whom is a year round regular poster and well respected by us all,his name is Mike the Pats fan and too bad that this fool Rodney cannot learn lessons in common decency from him.

    Normally I don't ever bother to register and/or post on other teams message boards,usually because you get banned for the smallest transgression,not sure how this will play out,but for those of you who know who "Rodney" is,I wanted to point out that we allowed him to come to our place and act the part of a fool without censoring him,and I would like the same courtesy here.

    Rodney:If you are reading this maybe you can understand in your mind that your pedantic rant on Steelreign only shows you to be an idiot of the first order,you should be ashamed for acting the part of an imbecile.

    Rivalry is fine,and can be fun,it's folks like you who make the experience of iteracting with other fans from other teams to where it is not fun.

    read your own words:"But I decided not to be an arrogant, childish jerk that the Steeler fans are. I would just like to bring to your attention that when you are a guest in some ones house, you don't walk in and crap on the living room floor."

    Man up,and come to the Reign and apologize for your actions,if you have the stones to do so.

    You might even find that some of us Steelers fans actually know how to talk football,and even welcome posters from other teams so long as they comport themselves accordingly as opposed to acting like childish little asses.

    BTW,for everybody else:Let the best team win on Sunday,and we'll meet again one way or the other in the AFC championship game.
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    Good luck Sunday.

    There's no way to truly know if it was a Pats fan. It could have been a Ravens fan who hates the Steelers and after last week hates the Pats or a dozen other combos.

    I'm not saying it wasn't a Pats fan but posting that they were a mod on a Patriots site makes me suspicious. Every fan base has donkeys so you never know.
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    Welcome! :rocker: Yah, I don't think a Mod would sign up and pull that kind of crap on another forum.
  4. osnwafan

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    It's all good.I talked with my friend who really is a Pats fan,he said that "Rodney" is not one of your mods,although he posts here (I don't know what screenname he uses,and wouldn't call attention to him if I did).

    Rodney just for whatever reason really got to me,and trolls usually don't,heck I can expect that some of you folks consider me a troll since I'm a Steeler fan and new here.

    Anyways,good luck with the game on Sunday,and may the better team win!!!
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