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    I added up the regular season records of teams who have won a SB in the 2000s using just their records after they went to their first SB.

    The Patriots have a winning% since 2001 of 74%
    The other teams have combined for a winning% since their first SB of 47%.

    And while the Patriots have played (and won) in 2 SB after their first appearance of the decade, no other team has returned. I'm not sure any other SB participants this decade have even returned to the playoffs the following year but I am not 100% sure about that. Critics may accuse me of cherry picking years, I just used the years that ESPN had the standing for. Regardless, it is what it is and the 47% regular season winning% of non Patriot teams shows how hard it is to win year after year.

    And I didn't even include our perfect playoff record in these numbers :)
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    dat's dominance

    each regular season, patriots play 12 games against afc opponents, and the remaining 4 against nfc teams. if NE's winning percentage is that high it suggests that our boys have essentially dominated the afc. patriots beat up on afc during regular season, not to mention unbeaten against afc teams in playoffs. this decade.
    i's often written that the afc is by far the stronger of the two conferences, and has been for years.
    this seems cyclical to me. the conference that's down gets the top 125 or so of the 250 picks each year, over time, the talent difference tips the big seesaw the other way. and vice versa.

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