State budget proposal could include ‘modest’ hikes in fees or taxes

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    Get ready for more taxes here in the great state of Taxachusetts. Deadbeats, public employee unions, and the welfare state need the money. Heck, despite taking in almost $1 billion dollars more than anticipated, it's still not enough.

    State budget proposal could include ‘modest’ hikes in fees or taxes

    01/12/2012 2:56 PM

    By Noah Bierman, Globe Staff

    Citing huge growth in the cost of state health and social programs, Governor Deval Patrick’s top budget official said today that he will offer “modest and limited new revenue proposals” for next year’s budget.

    Jay Gonzalez, secretary of administration and finance, would not specify whether those would mean taxes, fees, or some other new revenue source. He said they would be a small part of the state’s approach to fixing a budget hole, but he would not rule out higher taxes as part of that fix.


    Gonzalez today unveiled the state’s annual tax collection estimate – which he portrayed as mixed news. On the one hand, state officials expect tax collections to grow by 4.5 percent, or $940 million, over last year’s estimates, a sign the state economy is recovering. On the other hand, costs for indigent health care, homelessness assistance programs, and other social safety net programs are on pace to grow by $1.2 billion. Legally required costs for pensions, negotiated union contracts, and other fixed costs are set to go up by another $400 million, he said.

    State budget proposal could include ‘modest’ hikes in fees or taxes - Metro Desk - Local news updates from The Boston Globe
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    No comments RW? I guess our Massachusetts members are just fine with paying more taxes furthering the movement to squeeze our middle class in this state.

    Oh well, huh?:rolleyes:

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