Starting teams showcase in week 3 of preseason

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    Just about all starters are expected to play a great portion of this game (will Moss play?) and how the defense will be in the season can be previewed tonight because by going by the past few years New England has been all business and plays like it counts in week 3.

    New England in the past 2 week 3 preseason games have defeated their opponents by a 68-3 margin - that obviously means NO TDs allowed in the past 2 games of the preseason's starter's showcase.

    Hopefully the defense continues this trend.

    I say the defense gives up a td or 2 and still win 21-17

    Dan Morgan will play like a man possesed tonight,If Brady is playing I pray the OL plays better than last week.
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    The defense is clearly ahead of the offense. Having Maroney back should help but I expect that because of the injuries etc. we may see some of the first line players for a few series next week as well.

    Smell it.. sniff.. sniff.. football is in the air!



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    Generally the RB picks up a blitzing LB. Faulk I trust, we'll see how Maroney's shoulder is on blitz pickup.
    Edited to say: And Morris is supposed to be good, so we'll see.
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    Game 3 is hte big preseason show

    but Maroney's first game back, clearly no Seymour, Moss, Gaffney, K. Brady, all of whom should be playing in the near future.
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    Re: Game 3 is hte big preseason show

    Why will Dan Morgan be playing like a man possessed tonight? I mean, why him in particular? And why tonight specifically?

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